Golden Retriever puppies cleanliness

Learn Cleanliness To Your Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden-Retriever-puppies-cleanlinessAs your Golden Retriever puppies grow, they will learn to control themselves. Until the age of 10 weeks, the puppy is unable to control his elimination, and will tend to defecate in his den or his cover.

It returns to you to learn your Golden Retriever puppies good manners. First, deodorize all traces that your puppy leaves at home using a specific product or solution based on diluted white vinegar. No ammonia products that would only fixe the urine odors and attract your dog to the same place. Perform this markdown in the absence of the puppy.


Up to 10 weeks, depending on your lifestyle, you have to fix the place where your Golden Retriever puppies will etiminate. This place should be relatively far (about 2 meters) of his sleeping and feeding place.

Prepare container or few newspaper sheets. Keep an eye on your Golden Retriever puppy. Once the Golden Retriever puppy sniffs the ground emphatically, generally at waking and ΒΌ hour after meals, drive him to the desired location. As soon as your golden retriever puppy eliminates at the desired place, praise him by caress.

If he defecates or urinates in an unexpected place, stop him immediately and take him where it’s needed.

Do not scold your Golden Retriever puppy, he would not make the connection with his action and this could destabilize him.


From eight weeks old, you must often take out your golden retriever puppies to teach theim to eliminate outdoor.

You can start taking him out, every hour, and immediately after feeding, games and when he wakeup.

Do not accept using barking to ask for going out. Allow only groans or slight door scratching.

Reward your Golden Retriever puppy every time he eliminate in desired place. Hi will quickly learn how to behave.

Always take your golden retriever puppy in the same place. Do not let him play until he eliminates. Praise your golden retriever puppy, even excessively, as soon as he eliminates outdoor. Then continue the walk. In this way, he will not assimilate elimination to the process of returning back to home.

At night

You can begin by taking out your golden retriever puppy at night, at least once. The golden retriever puppy cannot hold back beyond six hours. Whatever the lifestyle, the golden retriever puppy should be clean from the age of four months. It may, however, up to six months; it you left him alone for too long time, for example.

If after this time your puppy continues to urinate where he should not, you have to contact an expert in training.

Warning: Do not confuse doing his needs with a few drops he might let slip during an emotion moment, as joy of seeing you for example. This behavior is normal for all puppies. Finally, note that you need sometimes a lot of patience, for this learning, as for all the other rules you want to learn to your golden retriever dog.

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