Your Golden Retriever and Hot Weather

Golden Retriever and Hot WeatherYour Golden Retriever and Hot Weather

Temperatures in the 90s and 100s, can be harsh for your furry companion. Golden Retriever dogs are as vulnerable to summertime heat as humans are. Dehydration, overheating, and sunburn are just a few of the health concerns of hot weather and canines. Nevertheless, there are several easy, precautions dog owners can take to ensure a healthy and happy golden retriever:

=> Whenever you travel with your golden retriever dog or puppy, always tote a bottle of cold and fresh water.

=> As hyperthermia can be fatal, it is never recommended to leave your golden retriever dog or puppy in the car alone. Even if the windows are ajar, a parked vehicle can heat up rapidly. For errands less than 15 minutes, park the automobile in the shade for some extra protection.

=> Regular Golden retriever grooming may stave off summer discomfort as well as skin problems. Particularly, canines with heavy coats, as golden retrievers, should have their hair shaved at least one-inch in length and never right down to the skin. To protect your golden retriever from the ultra-violet rays of the sun, never have your golden retriever’s hair cut down.

=> Keep walks to a minimum when the temperature is above 85. The hot asphalt from sidewalks and pavement can heat up rapidly and burn a golden retriever’s sensitive paw pads.

=> After a light snack or heavy meal, avoid feeding your golden retriever. During the summer hours, make playtime in the cool morning or later in the evening so that your canine will not get sick.

=> In canines who live outdoors, provide ample shade and fresh water. A golden retriever dog house can be the best weapon against hot and harsh temperatures.

=> During the hottest part of the day, bring your golden retriever dog indoors to cool-off.

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