How To Take Care Of a Golden Retriever : Basic Tips

How To Take Care Of a Golden Retriever : Basic Tips

How To Take Care Of a Golden RetrieverAlthough there are certain rules for walking your golden retriever dog in various cities, there are not any guideline requirements on “How To Take Care Of a Golden Retriever”. With a plethora of canine health articles on the market, few report the basics or no brainers that you will learn along the way.

But as a refresher in living and raising a golden retriever review these important tips to learn How To Take Care Of a Golden Retriever:

  1. — To promote your golden retriever’s health, do not overfeed him or her. It will ensure a lower risk of joint problems and heart conditions.
  2. — Wait a minimum of two days after your golden retriever has recovered from an illness before you expose it to other DOGS.
  3. — If your canine consistently acts out of control, enroll him or her in an obedience training class before you take it in the company of others.
  4. — To avoid the unknown (illness, injury and safety), never allow your golden retriever dog to loiter, play or roam in an unsecured or restricted area.
  5. — In the company of your canine and others, try to anticipate their excitement from accidentally slamming into you by slightly bending your knees to prevent hyperextension.
  6. — At the park, you should not be surprised when you call your golden retriever dog and other canines respond.
  7. — During extreme temperatures, protect your canine from developing, hypothermia, heat stroke (overheating) as well as frostbite. Do not take your pet to the park during harsh weather conditions.
  8. — Never feed other people’s canine pets for two reasons: 1) Not all treats agree with all DOGS. The food you give someone else’s DOG could affect it’s digestion 2) Certain owners have their golden retriever on a restrictive diet.
  9. — In general, it is never a good idea to feed your golden retriever dog prior to a ride in the car.



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