Golden Retriever Dog Agility Training – The Best 10 tips

Golden Retriever Dog Agility TrainingGolden Retriever Dog Agility Training – The Best 10 Tips.

Have you ever seen an agility training course for dogs? Many of them are highly complicated, but not for the golden retriever dog agility because they are not only good at agility training, they enjoy it!. Even if you are not training your golden for a specific job, it is a great exercise regimen and helps your dog to figure out how to get through the course.

The more you work with your golden retriever dog agility training, the more you will realize what he or she is capable of and you will see why this is one of the smartest breeds.

The golden retriever dog agility obstacle course typically consists of walkways, tunnels, and jumps that you as the owner help your golden retriever dog navigate through. In the end, he or she is able to navigate the course by themselves. But changing the course up is also a great way to teach your golden retriever dog new ways to get through the course. While many people only use the agility sport as fun for both the owner and the golden, others actually enter into competition, which is also fun, if you think it is something you want to commit to and help your golden retriever dog learn more difficult ability challenges.

If you want your golden retriever dog agility training to become a competitive sport, the best thing to do is to start them early, before they are a year old, but not so young that their attention span is too short (prior to six months of age). The early you expose your golden retriever to the agility training course, the better he or she will be as they get older. Golden retrievers can compete in agility training who are at least one year old.

The United States Dog Agility Association offers agility training courses in many different areas of the country, which makes it convenient to you to enroll your dog early and see how quickly they progress. The agility training is excellent exercise for your golden retriever dog at the same time, which is also another benefit of golden retriever dog agility training.

The agility training typically consists of contact obstacles, which means your dog is trained to touch an area of these obstacles with one of his or her paws as they pass by it. As they touch the correct area, they get a treat. But if they do not touch the right area, then no treat is offered. Treating during golden retriever dog agility training is key to them understanding what it is they are supposed to do.

No dog can just get on an agility course and know what to do without the proper training. Once they know what you expect, you can treat less and they learn new agility training obstacles as more can be added to the course.

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