Airfare Travel Golden Retriever Checklist

Airfare Travel Golden Retriever Checklist

Airfare Travel Golden Retriever ChecklistFlying with your golden retriever dog requires a little more planning than traveling solo or with a human travel partner. To simplify what you need to do, use the following helpful golden retriever dog travel check list.

1. If you plan to travel with your golden retriever dog, book a direct flight. Not to mention, it will reduce the possibility of your golden retriever being mishandled by baggage staff or being left behind. During your booking reservation inquire about the airline’s restrictions on transporting animals.

2. Set up an appointment with your golden retriever’s veterinarian for a check-up, Update your canine’s vaccinations if they are not current. While at the veterinarian, coordinate the details of obtaining a health certificate from the veterinarian. The health certificate must be dated within 10 days of your departure.

3. Buy a USDA-approved shipping crate adequately sized to be conducive for your golden retriever’s travel (stand, sit and turn) around in comfortably.

4. Prior to the day you leave, remember to freeze a small tray or dish of water for your golden retriever dog. This will prevent the water from spilling during boarding/loading. Affix a diminutive packet/pouch of dried food outside your golden retriever’s crate.

5. For identification purposes, tape an updated photograph of your golden retriever dog onto the top of the crate. In case your dog breaks out of the carrier, the photo can be a lifesaver. (Do not forget to place a photo of your golden retriever dog in your wallet.

6. Before you leave for the airport, remember to place a collar as well as an identification tag on your golden retriever dog. In the event of a canine escape, the collar should include destination information in it. (You can get more info about how to choose the best collar for golden retriever dog from here).

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