Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever :: Choosing The Canned or Kibble Food.

Best Dog Food For Golden Retriever : Choosing The Canned or Kibble Food.

Best Dog Food For Golden RetrieverChoosing a best dog food for Golden retriever is really supposed to be an easy task. The only thing that could make feeding time for your dog more difficult is when the dog becomes choosy.

If it is not the dog that becomes choosy, maybe it’s the owner. The owner may become choosy because he/she is looking for the best dog food for golden retriever and thinks that the dog food tastes bad. Naturally, for a human’s taste buds, dog will really taste bad. It should not be the taste or cool packaging that should make a dog owner decide what kind of dog food to give.

There are now lots and lots of dog food that could be given to Golden retrievers. You have the option of making homemade ones, premixed dog foods, frozen raw dog food, canned and kibbles. The most common dog food given to dogs are the canned or kibbles because they are the least time consuming and are also the cheapest.

The canned and kibbles may not be as nutritious and delicious as the latter ones though. However, since they are the mostly bought kind of dog foods, here are some things that you should still consider when deciding to either buy canned or kibble dog foods.

Always make sure to look at the ingredients. It won’t take a chef to know what the healthy things for a Golden retriever dog’s health are. Just remember that whole meats are better than meat meals. However meals are more preferable to giving a dog by products.

Try to choose dog foods that are single sourced meals that say “beef meal” or “chicken meal”. This is because those marked with those sign are more wholesome and healthier than those that are just marked simple “poultry” or “meat” meals.

Single source meals still contain the muscle meat of the animal together with the nerves, blood vessels, tissues and skin. Generic meals have got other tissues of organs and have got fatter tissues. By-product foods have got to be the worst and most avoided. A whole lot of things are just mixed in the dog food that is no longer healthy. Lots of things are mixed in the by-product just to make a cheap dog food.

The first thing you should look at a dog food’s label is the meat source. The next thing you should look for are the grains. If you buy kibbles the grains are always included in the labels. The grains that should be included are whole rather than fractions only. However don’t be fooled that more grain is better. Having more grain could mean that the meat portions are reduced.

Just like human foods, artificial flavors, food colorings and preservatives should also be avoided. Artificial flavors most likely means it is added to cover up the bad tasting food.

If you do decide to choose kibbles for your Golden retriever, the size of the kibbles should be considered proportionally to the size of the dog. A small kibble is best for a small dog to prevent having a hard time eating. Giving small kibbles to big dogs may also prove to be beneficial because it can help tone down their big gulps.

These advices can help give your dog’s eating experience better of eating a really bad tasting food.

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