Breaking a Golden Retriever’s Bad Habits

Breaking Golden Retriever Bad HabitsBreaking a Golden Retriever’s Bad Habits

Conditioning a golden retriever to lose bad habits is not the easiest task to overcome. But, it’s all in the timing. All golden retriever owners should not expect to bring a golden retriever home and not have to train it. Golden Retrievers are verisimilar to people. They have personalities that may compel them to act in a particular way. Consequently, patience coalesced with kind firm discipline is necessary for teaching and old or new golden retriever new tricks.

Use these tips, tricks and strategies to discourage unacceptable behavior:

1) When your golden retriever behaves or commits an intolerable act, give him or her a deep, short growl. The growl is effective because it emulates the canine’s mother. Just as the pup’s mother would confront the golden retriever face to face with the growl, you should do the growl in your puppy’s face to discourage the unwanted behavior.

2) If your puppy or new golden retriever continues the behavior, repeat the growl. However, the second one should be a little louder but not any longer than the first growl.

3) In cases where your golden retriever continues to behave poorly, snap at the canine in the fashion a golden retriever. In other words a short bursting growl followed by a snapping of your teeth.

Amongst DOG trainers, the emulation of DOGS is the subject of great controversy. Most golden retrievers will not outgrow poor behavior without the guidance of rules. Many trainers consider it a negative form of discipline to act like a canine to enforce discipline. However, other DOG advocates consider it an effective way to demonstrate authority without raising one’s voice.

Other trainers recommend discouraging poor behavior by giving a golden retriever a sniff. Since it demonstrates that the owner is the elder or alpha, it can catch your golden retriever or puppy off guard and make them aware that is the subordinate.

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