Are you Going to Choose a Golden Retriever Pup or an Old One

Are you Going to Choose a Golden Retriever Pup or an Old One.

Choose Golden Retriever Puppy OldAfter all the self-inventory and major thinking you’ve made you’ve really found out that you are a dog person. You’ve even eaten or tried a piece of dog food to show to people that you are willing to join your dog through thick or thin. No one can stop you now from getting the Golden retriever dog that you always wanted. Now all you have to do is get ready and be prepared to enter a life with a dog by your side. You can say that having a Golden retriever dog is also like having a baby. The only difference is that when Golden retrievers get older they won’t piss you off much compared to teenagers.

What Golden retriever dog will you be getting? Will you be getting a golden retriever puppy and raising it or are you getting an adult dog already. By choosing between the two, it will give you an option of living easier with a trained Golden retriever dog rather than staring anew. But there are still advantages and disadvantages for both. Let’s take a look.

If you are already too lazy to train a new Golden retriever dog, getting an older puppy might be advantageous. This dog will already know how to poop outside, sit and stay. The only disadvantage is that the pet might have some emotional baggage. This means that the Golden retriever might still be attached to his previous owner and will have hard time bonding with you. However, it could also be the opposite. Since the Golden retriever has already been used to people, it will already be used to a new owner.

Having a Golden retriever puppy means you will have to work hard to raise it properly. You will also be now entering a 10-15 year commitment with your dog. This will be a good experience to check if you could be committed to your future wife though. It will be irritating to clean up the smelly mess that the new untrained pup does. It might also piss you off when the Golden retriever pup chews on something you consider valuable. Your lucky underwear might be chewed by your pup and it might end up looking like rags.

The hardest part of raising a Golden retriever puppy is the general etiquette. This means how the puppy should behave in the living quarters of the owner. This process will usually take disciplining the puppy the hard way. It may seem hard but it really is necessary.

When you get the Golden retriever puppy, don’t immediately get the one that greets you immediately. Chances are he is the most dominant and the one hiding is the most submissive. Try to look for the puppy in the middle. This is important because changing the nature of their attitude will be hard work.

The best age to get a Golden retriever puppy is usually 8 to 12 weeks because this is the age where the pup develops early socialization skills. The bladder should also be better by now. You should also examine for medical problems that may be present. Problems that may be present in his skin, discharges in the eyes or nose. Also ask about the vaccinations so that you’ll know what vaccines you’ll still need to give.

Now the decision is up to you. The most important thing really is that no matter how hard it is taking care of a Golden retriever dog, the relationship you’ll have will be memorably sweet with a doggy stench.

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