What to Expect at a Golden Retriever Show

Golden Retriever showWhat to Expect at a Golden Retriever Show

Each golden retriever show is slightly different, but certain things are true for every golden retriever show.

Dog shows are essentially an elimination competition. Each golden retriever must beat other golden retrievers in its own breed, group and, in the case of an all-breed show, then finally beat DOGS from other groups for best in show. During this competition each golden retriever is exhibited, or handled, by its owner or a hired professional. Then the golden retrievers are shown in the judging ring and judged by a professional.

Much of a golden retriever’s success in competition depends on three things. The first is how closely the golden retriever fits the standards for its breed. The second is whether or not the golden retriever and handler can handle competition without being distracted by crowds, noises and other things. The third factor is the judge. Each judge is going to have his or her own unique preferences. Although each judge works from a set standard, more than one golden retriever may fit the standard. At that point it can sometimes come down to personal preference.

If you are a first-time golden retriever show spectator, there are some things you should be aware of. First, if the grooming area is open, use it to your advantage. Ask the handlers questions about their breeds. This can be a great way to learn about different DOGS and choose your next pet or possibly even learn how to become a DOG show handler yourself. Also, be sure to visit the information booths for information about the show itself, as well as each breed that is represented.

If you are taking children to the show, be sure that they do not try to touch DOGS, pull their tails or otherwise interfere with the DOGS. It can be tempting, but many golden retrievers have been specially groomed for judging and petting them can affect the outcome of the competition.

Remember that, when visiting a golden retriever show, the only bad question is one that you never ask. Learn from your fellow spectators, handlers and any officials that might be available to chat and you’ll greatly improve your golden retriever show experience.

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