Golden Retriever : Establishing a Healthy And Balanced Relationship With Your Dog

Golden Retriever : Establishing a Healthy And Balanced Relationship With Your Dog.

Golden Retriever Establishing a Healthy And Balanced Relationship

Establishing a healthy and balanced relationship with your golden retriever dog means training them to behave a certain way in certain situations. There are various methods for making your dog well-behaved. Obedience can be accomplished using clicker training, reward training, collar and leash, marker training, or dog whispering. Owners learn to give specific commands in obedience training and must remember not to neglect their end of the bargain.

Alpha Leadership is the foundation of all good dog training. At obedience school, owners of golden retriever dogs learn to show that they are in control at all times. A well-trained owner asserts dominance over the dog at home and away from home. Being consistent makes training a canine much easier and more pleasant.

Training includes up to ten basic commands that form the foundation for good behavior in canines. These include being taught to sit, stay, heel, come, wait, down, stand, drop it, stop, and quiet. Other verbal command words can be substituted to control the same actions at the discretion of the golden retriever owner. Once these feats are fully established, the dog is prepared to build on its repertoire of tricks.

Biting and barking are two problem behaviours that are common in all dogs. Start training a dog not to bite when it is just a puppy. Have toys available for the puppy to bite. Avoid games that allow the puppy to bite humans. When bitten while playing, everyone in the family should consistently let out a high-pitched yelp to let the puppy know you are hurt. Golden retriever puppies do this naturally to communicate that very thing to each other while playing.

The most natural thing a golden retriever dog does is bark, but excessive barking is usually triggered by emotions such as loneliness, excitement, boredom, stress or fear. Obedience training will help owners not to eliminate barking, but to control it. Barking can often be controlled by teaching the “stop” or “quiet” demand. Try to eliminate any circumstances that cause the barking by positively reinforcing the dog when it is not barking.

The sit and heel commands become valuable when taking your dog outside. Teaching a golden retriever dog to heel takes more time and patience because it requires a high level of concentration from the dog. A good obedience school will educate owners on how to keep your dog from pulling you down the street, how to keep it at your side at corners and how to keep it from running to other dogs when they walk by.

Dog obedience classes are just the beginning of building your relationship with your pet. The golden retriever dog may succeed in learning the commands but it is up to the owner to repeat the training at home so all members of the family are involved. It is important to always be consistent and reassuring. Have confidence in controlling your dog while showing it respect and cooperation. Always work with a dog’s natural instincts and drives. Never be harsh or cruel and you will proudly own a happy, outgoing, and well-behaved canine citizen.

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