Golden Retriever Dog Whining

Golden Retriever Dog Whining

Golden Retriever Dog WhiningGolden retriever dog whining is a part of dog’s vocabulary. A dogs do not have too many sounds in their vocabulary. They just know a simple bark, grown, a potential lovable howl, a growl and whine. Nature has set some straight and original functions for all these voices but Golden retrievers and all dogs in general tend to use the voice in more than one manner.

Depending on the conditions and circumstances, your Golden retriever dog can use any of these voices to express his emotions and feelings. Young Golden Retriever dog whining might just be trying to communicate with their mother. As the pup whines, it ensures proper care and attention from his mother as the sound is virtually irresistible to the mother, like the crying of human infants. When young, the Golden Retriever puppies whine unintentionally when hungry or feeling cold. Whenever a golden retriever dog or puppy whines, the mother visits him and finds out what he needs. The pup then slowly learns to whine whenever he has a purpose or requires more attention.

If however the Golden Retriever dog or puppies has been adopted by a human family, he might not be able to find his mother to care and caress him. He now whines when he feels bored or is full of sorrow. He hopes for the love of their mother, but she never turns up. Your response to the pup’s whine will generally determine how the things will be in the future. The owners may decide to leave the pup unattended or may come to him to make sure that he is alright and take necessary actions. If the pup has an uncaring owner, he will automatically know that whining is not a good strategy to get a solution for their problems and this might lead them to change their behavior completely. If you mistreat your pup in the same manner, you might never be able to develop a good bond with your dog.

Reasons of a golden retriever dog whining.

Whining for gaining attention – some owners pay attention to the golden retriever dog whining every time. So, When the dog or puppy whines they may immediately start paying attention every time. By carrying out this action, the Golden retriever dog may start whining just for gaining the owner’s attention. If you wish to break this habit of your dog, stop paying attention to his whining. If you feel uncomfortable doing it and you do not want to do it this way, you can use a stimulus to show him that your attention has been withdrawn.

Whining when anxious – Some dogs are unhappy when left alone. They do not like and  it when the owner is not around and as a result, they start whining. This whining can be a signal for separation anxiety syndrome. The golden retriever dog whining may also occur and be seen at times when the dog’s owner is sleeping to be able to reunite with him.

Whining when in pain – When the dog is recovering from some surgery, distress or trauma, he can resort to whining. This is an automatic response of the dog’s body and can also take place in a semi-conscious animal.

Excitement Whining – some dogs become excited for an event or something like a walk and therefore whine.

Whining through Learning – A positive response given to your Golden retriever dog when they whine may teach them to do it too often. This might look like your golden retriever whining for seeing the owner’s attention, but is more artificial. This characteristic comes from ‘cause and effect’ learning.

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