Golden Retriever Growling | Training Techniques and Tricks

Golden Retriever Growling.

Golden Retriever Growling- Train&stop-itA golden retriever growling may show aggressive signs due to a number of reasons. If your dog too is showing such signs, the first thing for you to do is to take him for a complete checkup. There may be some physical problem behind his growling habits. If you have children at home, it may be that the children’s petting may be hurting your dog.

Before reaching out for any solution, consider the age of your dog. Your dog might just be entering canine adolescence. This is the age when dog starts showing his dominant behavior. Female dogs, at this age start noticing that adult dogs have started reacting differently towards her. These are visible but subtle signs that many people miss upon. This is time for you to reinforce your leadership, while you try to divert your dog’s stare away. Your dog may start wagging his tail when growling. You need to know that wagging tail shows nervousness apart from happiness; so you have to be careful enough.

If you wish to find the key to your dog’s problems, the best way to do this is to approach his problems using his natural instincts. For dogs, everyone around them; be it people or other dogs, are part of a pack. According to them, everyone in the pack has a rank. If you are able to outrank the other dogs, your Golden retriever dog will consider you superior. You can learn to be on that top position by reading books and getting more knowledge about dog behavior. You can also join an obedience class to know more about your dog and his instincts.

Golden retrievers have a lot of energy and they like to be lively. If you have children at home, you will find these dogs to be friendly and fun to play with. The cute behavior of these dogs remains till the time they are puppies. After they grow up, the need to be trained well so that they do not turn aggressive and learn to obey their masters. The habits you allow them to develop will make a change in their overall behavior. It will be hard for a dog to change its habits but if you start training him early, his behavior can be changed to good.

Golden retriever puppies tend to chew things. As they grow up, they tend to chew on to other things as well. If you try to get things out of their mouth, they may start growling. The golden retriever growling nature can even become more aggressive if you force him more. You can teach him not to growl and chew onto things. Praise him when he chews the right thing and remove the things from his mouth carefully when he is chewing something he should not. Your dogs should also understand that you can take his food bowl or toys. He will thus not growl on you when you touch either of them.

Golden retriever growling training should also be given to dogs as they play and bark. You might understand that the dog growls playfully but a visitor can easily get frightened by it. It will be wise if you give them proper training to not make such noises.

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