Golden Retriever Puppy Training With a Clicker

Golden Retriever Puppy Training With a Clicker

Golden Retriever Puppy Training With a Clicker

Golden retriever puppy training with a clicker is becoming a more popular and widespread procedure because it is easily mastered and can be used to teach your dog nearly anything. This method is based on positive reinforcement and gentle handling. A clicker device makes a metallic sound that a dog will associate with a desired behavior. The sound delivers a message to the dog that he has done well and a treat is on the way. When you’re using a clicker for golden retriever puppy training, your dog can identify the sharp sound of a clicker from over twenty yards away.

Timing is critical in getting an animal to associate its action with the treat rewarded. The treat should immediately follow the click in order for the association to develop. It is not always necessary to support a behavior with a treat. A tug-of-war or a game of Frisbee is also an effective reinforcer. No matter what the reward, the main concept is that dogs and other animals will learn by the immediate consequence of their actions.

The best example of clicker training occurs with marine animals. Dolphins, orcas, seals and penguins have been trained for years with whistles which work the same as clickers. Trainers blow the whistle during training. While the animal is performing an action so it knows to swim over for a fish. Any sound could be used for golden retriever puppy training, but clickers have a unique noise that is not common in an animal’s world.

The first step in golden retriever puppy training with a clicker is to convince your dog to execute the desired behavior such as sitting, rolling over, or fetching a stick. Once the dog has performed, immediately anchor the action with a click and let the dog have its reward. The dog will recognize which behavior to repeat after two-three tries. A verbal command takes more time to instill.

Once a clicker command has been learned, anchor in an additional verbal que right before the click and your dog will learn to associate all three. Look for and reward small steps of learning rather than waiting for the whole behavior to appear on its own. Create opportunities to frequently reward your dog, and you’ll be on a successful track to your golden retriever puppy training.

The most important aspect of golden retriever puppy training using a clicker is that the dog is guided, not forced, into the desired behavior. Secondly, owners learn to pay more attention to their dog and learn what their dogs like or don’t like. Your golden retriever puppy will be more certain because he’ll have a better expectation of the behavior you want instead of worrying about what’s wrong. This golden retriever puppy training is stress-free and positive for both man and animal.

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