Golden Retriever Walk Checklist

Golden Retriever Walk Checklist

golden retriever walking 6Being a new golden retriever owner is similar to taking on the parenting role of a newborn. With time, you learn what you need to simplify your care on outings. To fast-forward your learning curve, we have created a checklist of items for your golden retriever as well as yourself ‘ before you head to the golden retriever park.

Wear dark clothing to avoid the potential of permanently staining whites and cackie colored clothing.

Always carry a cellular phone to call for help in the event of an accident. Your cell phone may come in handy for you to contact your family if you will be out longer than planned.

Carry a sport bottle, bowl or both for your golden retriever dog to quench its thirst. (A bowl of water works too. Simply carry a water bottle to fill the bowl up). Duty bags are necessary in most municipalities.

For fast cleanups, bring towels or handiwipes to tidy up your golden retriever’s dirty paws. As an alternate, place covers on your car seats to prevent the spread of dirt.

To ensure your safety and ability to keep up with your golden retriever dog, wear shoes or fitness shoes to maintain your balance during bad weather conditions, harsh terrain, or a rigorous canine. (Try to keep a spare pair of gloves in your car as a back up incase your shoes are too wet or muddy to wear)

For those adorable moments, your golden retriever makes a statement, have your camera on hand to snap a photo.

Do not bring your golden retriever’s favorite toys to the park since it most likely will be lost to another golden retriever.

Make note of any potential dangers your golden retriever dog may encounter with plastic bags so you can prevent any harm.

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