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How To Stop a Dog From Chewing ||golden-retrieverHow To Stop a Dog From Chewing? Golden Retriever Case.

“How To Stop a Dog From Chewing?” Chewing is a natural instinct of a Golden Retriever dogs. Chewing is one of the ways through which they investigate and play with anything that they notice new around them. Golden Retriever dogs develop this habit when they are still a puppy.

There are numerous undesirable behaviors that all dogs can pick up as puppies and carry into adulthood. Golden Retrievers are definitely no exception to this rule and curbing the chewing is certainly something that many people struggle with.

Though Golden Retrievers are cute, friendly, and loveable dogs but certainly anyone would not like them to chew their belongings. The chewing habit has to be addresses instantly else something that is cute will quickly become destructive. Therefore, coaching the Golden Retrievers from unwanted chewing forms an essential aspect of their training. To combat the destructive habit of Golden Retriever chewing, there are number of things that you need to consider.

The problem with eradicating Golden Retriever chewing is that it’s a natural behavior that dogs exhibit for a variety of reasons. In fact, chewing is often a positive behavior because it can help keep a dog’s teeth clean and their gums healthy.

Tips to Learn How To Stop a Dog From Chewing.

The first step required to stop Golden Retriever dog chewing is to closely observe what he is chewing. This will help in great deal in preventing you Golden from unwanted chewing. Though Golden Retriever dogs have a tendency to mouth everything, yet the temptation to chew varies. The owners must have a very clear definition of the things that tempt their Golden Retriever dog to chewing. Once they are able to define it, bitter chewing-deterrent spray could be used on things that your Goldie likes to chew. Since they are in a stage of learning good behavior and self-control, terrible taste is most likely to prevent your Golden Retrievers from chewing everything, without harming them.

Next important thing is to find out the primary cause of the chewing. Golden Retriever dog may resort to chewing when it is teething, which is very natural and needs something to work those gums on. You can give your Golden Retriever some chew toys or treats specifically designed for this purpose. This will not only distract the puppy from unwanted chewing but also relieve his teething pain. Besides, it will also teach your Golden Retriever that when it comes to chewing, there are only few things that it can chew. Golden Retriever dog also tends to chewing because of several other reasons including boredom, stress, and loneliness. If chewing habit is because of any of these reasons adequate activities and interaction have to be provided.

Care should also be taken that while playing, you are not engaging your Golden Retriever in any such game in which biting or chewing is part of. You should also take care that confusion is not created while you are training your Golden Retriever of unwanted chewing. As such unwanted shoes or garments, etc. should not be used to amuse the puppy because your puppy is still in the learning stage and might be unable to comprehend the distinction between the old ones and the ones you care for. It is also an appropriate time to teach your Goldie “Drop” command. This will teach the dog to drop the item he’s chewing on. This should be followed by replacing the dropped item with an item that your Golden Retriever can chew on. Consistence coaching of such kind will train the dog in distinguishing what he is and isn’t allowed to be chewing on.

If the Golden Retriever chewing habit is due to separation anxiety, special care should be taken that the exits after playtime are very low key affair. It will reduce the suffering and cause minimum stress in your Golden Retriever. Chewing is a habit that can be curbed provided you know how to control your pet. Remember Golden Retriever dogs have an eager to please nature, therefore while training never punish the dog physically. Because physical punishments will cause more anxiety thereby increasing his unwanted chewing habit.

The Problem with Chewing

The problem with Golden Retriever chewing really only arises when the chewing is directed towards inappropriate things – your favorite pair of shoes, for example.

Your dog isn’t trying to anger or punish you for leaving him alone by chewing up your shoes. He is merely directing his energies towards something that smells like you and chewing is the natural outlet of this attention.

Dogs chew on their toys and they chew on food. Essentially, they chew on the things that they love. This doesn’t mean that you should let your dog chew up your things because he loves you, however. But it does mean that the chewing itself isn’t the problem.

Redirecting the Chewing

The best way to address and correct Golden Retriever chewing is to give your dog an appropriate substitute on which to focus his chewing energies. There are tons of chew toys available out there.

It may take you a bit of trial and error to find the specific type of toy that appeals to your dog the most, but if you stick with it, you will find the perfect chewing substitute in the end.

The Wrong Substitutes

Now all you have to do is replace anything inappropriate your dog is chewing on with an appropriate toy. However, it’s likely that your dog only chews up inappropriate things when you’re not home.

The trick in this case is to limit your dog’s access to any inappropriate chewing options. If your dog is left alone with only his toys to chew on, he’ll make the most of it.

Better for Everyone

Not only will replacing inappropriate items with chew toys help to eliminate Golden Retriever chewing problems and your own frustration, it will also be much safer for your dog. When left to their own devices, dogs will chew on just about anything, including items that can be potentially hazardous to their health. They just don’t know any better.

By chewing up and destroying inappropriate items like plastic toys, shoes, electrical cords, jewellery and house plants, your dog may accidentally ingest something that could harm him or worse. Making sure your Golden Retriever knows what and what not to chew on is the best way to keep him safe.

It’s also important that you use the right items to substitute when you’re trying to address Golden Retriever chewing issues. For instance, providing your dog with age and size appropriate chew toys is a good idea. On the other hand, giving him and old shoe or baseball glove to chew on is not.

While these items may be perfectly safe for him to chew on, your dog will only become confused when he is encouraged to chew on one kind of shoe and scolded when he chews on another.

Your dog can’t tell the difference between the new shoes you spent your whole last paycheck on and the old sneakers you were going to throw in the trash anyway.

The best way to make sure that your dog only chews on appropriate items is to make sure those are the only items he has access to. Once you have ingrained in him what is his to chew on, it won’t even occur to him to go after your furniture, shoes or pillows.

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