How to Stop Dogs Digging |Golden Retriever Tricks

How to Stop Dogs Digging |Golden Retriever Tricks

How-To-Stop-Dogs-Digging-Golden-retrieverDigging is an instinctive behavior in all dogs. Golden Retriever also by their nature love digging. The most common reason dogs dig is to bury or uncover bones or toys.  So,Why Do Dogs Dig? and How to stop dogs digging?

Why Do Dogs Dig?

On very warm days, some Golden retriever dogs dig and lay in a hole to escape the heat. Some breeds, such as terriers, were bred to dig up and kill rodents and other small animals, and they certainly haven’t lost the instinct. In many cases, digging may be the dog’s way of trying to escape confinement or boredom.

While we know digging is instinctive in Golden retriever dogs, we often wish they wouldn’t do it. Compulsive diggers are frustrating. Their owners don’t want to punish the dog for doing what comes instinctively, but they also don’t want their yards to be filled with holes. Fortunately, there are ways you can stop your dog from digging.

Before you can end this behavior, you need to understand why dogs dig. If your Golden retriever dog digs only when left alone for long periods of time, the dog is probably trying to combat boredom. An exercise session before you leave will tire the dog out so that he will sleep part of the time you are away from home. Be sure to leave your dog plenty of toys that engage his mind as well as his body, so that he can keep himself occupied while he is alone. Pet supply stores have a large variety of chew toys and dog games.

How to Stop Dogs Digging

Golden Retriever dogs by their nature love digging. So, How to stop dogs digging?

If you do not want your Golden Retriever dog digging and destroying your backyard by digging here and there, then simply create a ‘digging area’ for him. Reward you dog for digging in the assigned area. You can also bury something that your Golden retriever loves and encourage it to dig until he finds ‘buried treasure’. It is important to understand that digging is part of their nature and will take time to get out of this habit. Consistence training, however, can help them get out of their digging habits. Like all other dogs, Golden retrievers are also guided by a set of responses and if the trainer disapproves the habit of digging, Goldens will soon learn that the action is unacceptable and will restrain itself from digging.

Lack of exercise, boredom, separation anxiety, and things like that could be the reasons for Golden Retriever digging habit. Solutions to these problems for example, if digging is due to lack of exercise then you may take your dog for a walk, engage it in other work, or play with the dog to help it come out of this feeling. By doing so, you may be able to stop the digging entirely. If the dog is digging because of boredom or separation anxiety, then you can buy some toys for the dog and can even spend some time with your Golden Retriever entertaining it.

However, some Golden Retrievers dig without any particular reason, that is, they dig for the sake of digging. In that situation, you have to take care and train the dog out of the digging habit. To take Golden Retrievers out of digging habits you may restrict their access to the yard and invest in obedience training classes. Diverting the attention of Golden Retriever while they are in the garden, such as playing with them or giving them something to chew can help them come out of the digging habit.

Great attention has to be paid when the Golden retriever dog is in garden, you have to look after it and immediately reprimand your Golden Retriever when it starts digging. It is important to make him realize that for what he is being rebuked. If you rebuke him after he has completed digging, it would not help. It is at this point that you could introduce the “no digging” command, right when the action is occurring.

Another common reason for a Golden Retriever dogs digging habit is to get a relief from heat. Especially during the summer time in some parts of the world Golden Retrievers dig to stay cool. Through digging they try to cover themselves from dirt which is cool and moist as their coats are pretty thick. So, to stop your Golden Retrievers from turning to digging, you must keep your dog in a cooler place and plenty of water to drink. If you can give your Golden dog a pool where he can splash around can also keep them away from feeling the need to dig. You must know that a Golden Retriever loves water more than digging. Though there could be many aversive ways of controlling Golden Retriever digging habit, but the results for those are greatly varied. Supervising and obedience training classes are the most recommended methods when it comes to digging.

You may have to make an extra effort with compulsive diggers. If your Golden retriever dog constantly digs in flowerbeds, you might need to put up a physical barrier to prevent the dog from entering the flowerbed. Remote punishment is a technique that seems to work well in this case. This can be as simple as a short blast of water that gets the dog’s attention the moment he starts to dig, or any activity that will distract the dog when the digging begins.

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