Raising a Puppy : It’s Time To Start With Your Golden Retriever

Raising a Puppy : It’s Time To Start With Your Golden Retriever.

Raising a puppy Golden RetrieverRaising a puppy is always a challenging task for all owners. The golden retriever puppy’s owners should always learn how to properly raise a puppy to prevent it being a problem dog. Would you want a Golden retriever dog that’s always pestering you for couch property? Being choosy about the food? Or worse invading your privacy when you have a visitor?.

If you properly raise your puppies, you’ll have a happier relationship with the dog in the future. Imagine your Golden retriever dog being able to fetch your slippers, be sweet and protective of you, or even cook your favorite food? Ok, the last one seems to far fetch. But learning how to be able to raise the dog properly can help reduce your stress in the future.

One of the things that you should consider when raising a puppy properly is the social skills it should develop. Socialization is important to a puppy because it helps the puppy absorb new information. A puppy is like a sponge being able to absorb all kinds of information in their new world. So don’t make them watch porn with you or your puppy might have lots of puppies at an early age :-).

Seriously, when raising a puppy, and during the first month of a puppies’ life, they should be able to learn where to sleep and when to eat. They should learn that it is in their kennel that they should sleep and when they hear the chow bell when to eat. You should know that this is important because if not, your golden retriever puppy might be sleeping with you at your bed or just keep eating making it obese.

As a pet owner you should also make the Golden retriever puppy socialize with other people or dogs. This will make the puppy feel more comfortable with other dogs and people. Making the chances of biting someone reduced when the dog is in an unfamiliar place.

Puppies will learn to socialize during their 3rd to 4th week of birth. If you buy your Golden retriever puppy from someone, their social skills during that time will be out of your hands. If the person you brought it from is careless, you may have a hard time. The good news though is that social skills will still continue up to the 12th week. So make those 8 weeks really full of great social experience.

The most important thing that you should consider in a Golden retriever puppy’s social skills is that you have chemistry. If you guys really don’t have any chemistry, you’ll have a hard time raising your puppy. It will be like making someone really like you even though you know the person hates your guts.

For best puppy raising, make sure the Golden retriever puppy bonds with you. Do some activities that show you love the puppy. Activities such as playing, grooming or even simple gesture like petting. Be able to show the dog that you can be depended upon for food, affection and gentle leadership will help the dog’s proper upbringing.

If the puppy now feels safer and has had all the necessary vaccinations bring it out to the world. Try to make other people who have no dogs jealous by walking the dog at the park or at your friends’ houses. Make the dog meet all kinds of friendly dogs as well.

Also introduce your golden retriever puppy to children slowly; because some children may not know how to handle a dog properly and may cause fear. When going to the vet, try to make the puppy calm.

Try not to scold a puppy when acting nervous or strangely when in the presence of new dogs or other places. The golden retriever dog will only become more scared when scolded. Comforting the dog is also not suggestible. When you comfort the dog every time she’s aggressive or scared, she’ll be used to it and think that it’s all right to do. The best thing to do when that happens is distract the dog by playing. After playing, give the dog some treats.

All of God’s creations are supposed to be social creatures. We can not live all alone; we all need some help from other persons in some way or the other. Learning how to make your Golden retriever dog socialize will be very good for its future; unless of course, you are planning to raise the dog as a hermit like you.

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