10 Tips For Responsible Golden Retriever Dog Ownership

10 Tips For Responsible Golden Retriever Dog Ownership.

Responsible Golden Retriever Dog OwnershipGetting a Golden retriever puppy is an effective way of developing a child’s sense of responsibility. What many people forget is that the bulk of such responsibility lies on the shoulders of the adult. Providing food, supplying water, and furnishing shelter are not the only things that the Golden retriever dog owner should do. Other needs must be met. And the dogs should be welcomed as a valued member in the community where the owner lives.

To become a responsible owner of Golden retriever dogs, here are ten important things a person must remember:

  1.  Having a Golden retriever dog is a life-long commitment. That is, for the whole duration of the dog’s life, which may be as long as twenty years.
  2. Golden retriever Dogs should be properly cared for, especially when they are still vulnerable puppies. This means that they should have visits to the veterinarian, have vaccinations, undergo de-worming, and be given correct and healthy feeding.
  3.  Aside from the doctor-guided health care, the owner must also do his share of keeping his dog healthy. He should invest in correct dog soap, shampoo, and other dog paraphernalia.
  4.  Related to the above, information about Golden retriever dogs can greatly aid the owner in decision-making. The owner must know which food is best for his Golden retriever dog. Such knowledge can keep the dog healthy and active.
  5.  Golden retriever Dogs  and puppies must be trained. By gentle and well-informed training, the dog will develop habits that will make him a welcome member of the neighborhood.
  6. Golden retrievers need mental and physical stimulation. If the dog does not get enough exercise or mental activities, it becomes restless and gets into trouble. With enough things to do, a dog becomes useful.
  7. Children should be taught how to properly treat dogs. Children do not instinctively know that Golden retrievers (and other animals) should be treated with respect. Sometimes, they see other people abusing their dogs and they think that such abuse is acceptable. An adult should properly explain that dogs become loyal and faithful when they are treated with affection.
  8. Related to the above items, a responsible Golden retriever dog owner should also acquaint other people (adults) how to deal with his dog. Some dogs crave for affection from all people while others are choosier.
  9. Obey laws in the neighborhood regarding dogs and other pets. These laws are set so that both people and pets are protected and kept safe. By ignoring these laws, the dog may be impounded and such can be traumatic for some dogs. The Golden retriever owner must be aware too, that not everyone loves dogs.
  10. Golden retriever Dogs are social creatures. Despite stories of dogs who prefer to be alone, dogs are happier when they have a family.

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