Taking The Best Golden Retriever Pictures

Taking The Best Golden Retriever Pictures

Taking The Best Golden Retriever Pictures

Photo opportunities for Golden Retriever pictures occur all the time, you just have to be persistant. Dogs very often will not sit still and pose for a photograph the way we would like. Golden Retrievers are beautiful, majestic dogs and it is only natural for you to want a nice photograph of your pet. So what is to be done to achieve great pictures? Here are a few helpful tips and some advice to help you to get some great golden retriever pictures for your home.

If your Golden retriever dog is an obedient dog, you can use a sit and stay command for the best golden retriever pictures. But even a very obedient dog can be distracted by the presence of a camera and the focus of attention on them. Ask your dog to sit and stay in the same way that you usually do. Try not to make a big deal out of the presence of the camera and snap your picture as quickly as possible. It is a good idea to ready your camera first. Modern cameras can take up to a minute to turn on and often make bleeping noises, make sure you are prepared to get the best golden retriever pictures.

These noises can distract a Golden retriever dog so it is a good idea to turn them off in the cameras options menu. Focus your lens to an appropriate distance before involving the dog as the noise of the lens focusing can also be distracting. If your camera is prepared before asking the dog to sit you will hopefully be able to quickly take your golden retriever pictures before the dog loses interest.

Another great way to take excellent Golden Retriever pictures is to capture the dog playing or interacting with a family member. These golden retriever pictures are the most natural and some amazing pictures can be taken in this way. It also has the added benefit of removing the need to get the dog to pose. This type of natural photography relies on an element of luck and a lot of patience. Your job is to simply observe and capture interesting golden retriever pictures.

You can maximize your chances of taking a good picture with some planning and basic photography technique. The first thing to consider is the location. A great location will add a lot of interest to a picture and is also great fun for your dog. This will elevate the picture beyond the ordinary back yard snaps. Golden Retrievers love outdoor play, especially in new places. Look for a location with a lot of contrasting colors and other visual interest such as interesting natural shapes.

When photographing moving objects it is important that you have good light. Without getting too technical the reason for this is that low light means that the camera has to open it’s shutter for a longer period of time to let more light in. This will result in a blurred image when photographing a moving subject.

Modern cameras often have pre-set options which can help. Look for an icon with a person running. Also, if your camera has a motor drive option this can be useful. This option means that when you push the button to take a picture the camera quickly snaps five pictures. This maximizes the chances of taking good golden retriever pictures.

Use plenty of memory cards, take as many golden retriever pictures as possible until all your memory cards are full. You can then view the pictures on your computer and select the best ones. The more pictures you take the more chance you have of capturing a great image of your dog.

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