How To Stop Golden Retriever Barking : 10 Tips Form Our Experts

,How To Stop Golden Retriever Barking : 10 Tips Form Our Experts.

Training How to stop Golden retriever barkingMany people ask how to stop Golden Retriever dog from barking? Most of the time, you will not find that you have a golden retriever barking problem because they are one of the breeds that are least likely to bark inappropriately. This means that your golden retriever dog may bark when they hear a knock at the door. But then they greet whoever is on the other side of the door.

Understanding The Golden Retriever Barking Behavior.

Often, when you have two golden retriever dogs that you raise together, the golden retriever barking can get a little out of hand as one typically will set off the other to bark. Undoubtedly, barking is a type of communication for Golden Retrievers, like for any other dogs. However, uncontrolled Golden Retriever barking is uncommon for this breed because of their calm and friendly nature.

In fact, Golden Retrievers are one of the least offensive barkers. They are least likely to bark inappropriately or without any justification. In Some circumstances barking can be justified. These cases include when they are bored, lonely, hungry, or notice something unfamiliar near the house. Sometimes, they may bark uncontrollably if they want to play or go outside. If your Golden Retriever is barking for any of these reasons, it is a normal behavior. In this case, it’s natural, and you must not stop it. So your goal should never be to stop the barking entirely. But if the barking goes beyond the simple reasons and become disruptive and annoying you should stop it. And it may be time for some golden retriever dog training.

Golden Retriever Barking is a Natural Behavior To Seek the Attention.

Though Golden Retriever barking is a natural canine behavior, Golden retrievers could be trained to restrain from barking all the time. Golden Retriever seeks the attention of the people around it and this could be one of the reasons why it barks.

To avoid such behavior becoming a habit, the people around it at first place must give a cold shoulder to undesired barking. Whenever a Golden Retriever seeks your attention through barking you have to do something, such as, turning your back right away, averting your eyes, turning your face away, and not talking to him, to make him realize that his behavior is unacceptable. This type of coaching must be started early to make it easier on you and your dog. The trainer can also introduce the “cease barking” command at this juncture. One must also not forget to reward the pet when it has corrected its behavior.

Train Your Golden Retriever to Differentiate Between Friends and Strangers.

Barking at someone or something strange is acceptable but if Golden Retriever starts barking at everyone and everything it becomes a problem. To check this type of problems, Golden Retriever dogs should be trained to differentiate between people who are friends, acquaintances, and those who are strangers. Time should be given to mature and develop the habit; friends and acquaintances should be introduced and allowed to mix-up. Golden Retrievers are very sociable dogs and if given proper and consistence training and due time. They will learn to distinguish people at whom they should bark and at whom they should not. Undesirable Golden Retriever barking is a problem, which could not be removed altogether. All they need is lots of patience, unconditional love, and consistent encouragement to make them well-behaved pets.

If your golden retriever is barking because of a specific person  : involve the person in the training.

If your golden retriever dog is barking because of a specific person, such as the mail person, involve the person in the training. A good way to do that is to leave golden retriever treats in a pre-specified area outside of your house. If the person the golden retriever has an issue with gives your golden retriever a treat every time they come to your house it will turn into a positive experience.

Golden Retriever Barking Can Happen If You Do Not Socialize Your Dog.

Of course, Golden retriever barking that is excessive can happen if you do not socialize your dog or puppy at a young age. This means that the dog needs lots of different stimuli. So that when they hear it, they do not overreact by barking excessively. Golden retriever dogs are large breeds, so their barks are large. The first step to stopping the excessive barking is to find out what is causing the Golden retriever dog barking in the first place.

Remove The Stimuli, To Stop The Golden Retriever Barking.

How to stop Golden retriever barking tipsIf your golden retriever barking occurs when they are in the backyard, then you need to find out what it is in the yard, that is causing the barking. Are their strange noises or are there other dogs next door that your dog can see through the fence. Often if you remove the stimuli, you will remove the Golden retriever dog barking. In this case, you may need to add a gate or a way in which to block the dog from getting to the fence that is causing the barking.

Train Your Golden Retriever With Positive Reinforcement.

If the barking occurs at every noise the dog hears, then it may be time for some golden retriever dog training. One of the nicest aspects to the golden retriever breeds is that they learn very quickly. Therefore, the best way to train a golden retriever is with positive reinforcement. So make sure you have some tasty treats with you at all times during the training.

Golden Retrievers Can Bark When They Are Alone.

Golden Retriever barking anxietyMost of the time, Golden Retriever dogs take up the hobby of barking when they are left alone in confined areas for long intervals of time.

So, care should be taken that your Golden retriever gets it due share of time and is not left alone for a long stretch of time.

Golden Retrievers need lots of attention; else they are likely to resort to barking to get your companionship. While you are away, give your Golden retriever some toys to play with. Moreover, when playing with your pet, you should take special care that it does not bark and growl during playtime. Such behavior can grow into a very irritating habit if left unchecked. Coaching to manage Golden Retriever barking has to be performed consistently and affectionately.

To Stop a Golden Retriever from Barking just teach him to bark.

Use command to stop golden retriever barkingOne of the best ways to stop your golden retriever from barking is actually to teach him to bark. First start by teaching your golden retriever to bark on command. Then teach him to stop barking on command. By doing this, you can greatly reduce his barking. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of a food reward system.

Once you’ve used food to train the golden retriever to bark on command though, the next step is a bit harder. It’s important to begin rewarding your golden retriever when he is quiet. But it’s not as easy to notice a quiet golden retriever as it is to notice a barking golden retriever. You should be patient and pay close attention to your golden retriever’s behavior. And observe him for several weeks in order to reward him at the right times.

Walks And Exercise Can Help To Reduce Excessive Golden Retriever Barking.

Dogs often bark out of boredom or frustration. Your can take your golden retriever outside for walks and exercise. This will give him something else to focus on and help to reduce his barking.

Anti-bark Collar For Your Golden Retriever Dog.

Collar to stop golden retriever barkingThere are also many varieties of anti-bark collar available for golden retrievers. Some work by giving the golden retriever a mild electric shock when he barks. The problem with that type of collar is that it can be hard to tell if they are working properly, unless you want to try it on yourself. Another type of anti-bark collar uses a scent, such as citronella, that the golden retriever dislikes. This method can be quite effective without actually hurting the golden retriever.

Debarking Surgery To Stop Golden Retriever From Barking.

Your vet can performe a debarking surgery in your golden retriever. However, it is not usually permanent and many people consider it to be cruel, so most veterinarians don’t recommend it.

Use “Stop” or Some Other command To Stop Golden Retriever Barking.

When the dog barks inappropriately, say calmly stop, or some other command that you will remember. When he quiets down, praise him and give him a treat. As you continue to treat for not barking, your golden retriever barking will soon come to an end. And he or she will only be barking when it is appropriate.

Conclusion :

Finally, By taking a little extra time to understand your golden retriever and recognize what it is that’s bothering him, you can help him to bark less often and you will both be happier.

The best golden retriever training for anything you want to train your pet to do is always most effective when it is by positive reinforcement. This is the way they learn the fastest and it is the easiest for you to stop unwanted golden retriever barking.

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