Training Golden Retriever Puppies.

Training Golden Retriever Puppies.

Training Golden Retriever PuppiesGolden retrievers are very affectionate and playful dogs and as a result make very good family dogs. Puppies are normally very playful but it is important to start training golden retriever puppies as soon as possible so as to create familiar routines that will enable them mature properly.

In order to reach their full potential, Golden Retriever puppies require some training including things like proper socialization and basic obedience training. Positive, reward based dog training methods with plenty of treats and praise are the best ways for training Golden Retriever puppies. Though Golden Retriever puppies have a willingness to learn they require lots of attention during initial days. You must start training Golden Retriever puppies from the moment you have brought them home.

The first thing that you need to do after bringing a Golden Retriever puppy is to decide on a behavior code for daily routine things. This includes training golden retriever puppy food habits, showing its sleeping place, Leash Training, house training, and obedience training. The puppy has to be taught that it must look at a particular place for his food and know where he has to sleep and when. Train them to wait for their food calmly and politely and no to rush for it. The earlier you start training them, the better it is else your puppy will develop such habits which will be tough to control afterwards. For example, if you do not train your Golden Retriever puppy in sleeping habits and it starts using your sofa and bed for sleeping then it will be vigorous task to control them.

Bringing Golden Retriever Puppies Home.

Training Golden Retriever Puppies.Housebreaking must be taught to your golden retriever puppies at a young age. Puppy training should begin as soon as they are brought home, by making sure the puppy knows where he will be sleeping as well as where the food and water will be. This is very important during the first few months of training golden retriever puppies. This is also the right time to start teaching the puppy the correct time of the day for sleeping. It is very important to ensure that the golden retriever puppy socializes with as many people as possible either in the house or with other individuals when going on walks or outdoor trips. This will help to reduce anxiety which golden retrievers suffer from.

Usually, Golden retriever dogs do not like to potty where they eat or sleep because by nature they are clean animals. So, you must establish certain area in your whelping or puppy area, which they can use for the purpose. The place should be away from the feeding and sleeping areas set of highly absorbent material, such as puppy pads or newspapers.

This could be followed by obedience training ( More about Golden Retriever Obedience Training on this article) when you can train your Golden Retriever puppy to socialize, use crate, and restrain itself from undesirable habits such as unwanted chewing, digging, and jumping.

Training Golden Retriever Puppies and Timing.

Training Golden Retriever Puppies - TimingGolden retriever puppies aren’t like you and me, therefore they need to learn in different ways. Pet dogs don’t have people responses, meaning that they really don’t perform using the principle of right or wrong. Alternatively, they function on a principle of response, led by the actions people give them. Any time their reactions result in a bad reaction from you, then they know that what they are doing is wrong and will stop doing that kind of action.

But if your dog does something appropriately, he should be lauded for it. If your Golden Retriever is following what you say and doing well, you must reward him with a treat or praise. Letting him know that he is doing well leads to positive reaction. On the other hand, if he isn’t listening to you or doing the absolute opposite of the actions you say, you shouldn’t reward him in any respect – but rather reprimand him with a stern NO.

Whilst training a Golden Retriever, timing is a very powerful element. If your puppy is doing something incorrectly, you should not delay or wait to correct him. This may possibly give the wrong impression. When your Golden is doing something bad, it’s best to correct him right then and there, which means that he’ll see most certainly what he’s doing incorrectly.

For example, if your Golden Retriever is chasing trucks, you definitely would like to cease this practice before it gets beyond control. The second you observe him doing this, you should always prohibit him and let him understand he’s wrong. This way, he’ll comprehend that chasing vehicles is something he should not be doing. It may take some time for your Golden retriever to realize this, and you will need to hold your ground and still correct him when he is doing something you don’t approve of.

This kind of principle is comparable to that relating to praise. When you see a Golden Retriever doing something correctly, you should praise your pet right away. If you do not praise him immediately but instead stall until he has stopped, he’ll presume that you are praising him for stopping. To be on the safe side and get the maximum out of your Golden, you should always praise him when he’s acting correctly, and correct your pet when he’s behaving in a bad way.

If you take your time and display patience with your Golden Retriever, you shouldn’t have any difficulties training him. The training process may need quite a bit of time, but it is definitely worth it in the long run. After you have trained your Golden Retriever, he’ll respond to the actions you say, and stay away from doing the activities he has been corrected for. Training Golden Retrievers is important and will make your puppy a much better pet when he grows older.

Golden Retriever Puppy Chewing.

Training Golden Retriever Puppies - chewingGolden Retriever puppies are very intelligent and demonstrate a love for training thus you can easily train them. The puppies have a natural love for chewing that needs to be addressed with love and care. Golden Retriever puppies could be stopped from unwanted chewing by giving them toys which they can chew and praising them when they do so. Whenever your Golden Retriever puppy mouths anything undesirable you must carefully replace them with objects which they can chew on. Although one must be careful so that these toys are not easily broken by the puppy and become a source of injury. Sometimes the puppy might be found chewing inappropriate items. Bad behaviour should be addressed with a very clear NO! It is however very important to be consistent in addressing bad behaviour when training golden retriever puppies. Puppy proofing your house is another way to combat the problem.

Golden Retriever Puppy Leash Training.

ITraining Golden Retriever Puppies 3t is also important to start leash training your Golden retriever soon after. This will make it easier to take the puppy out on walks. Start by putting the collar and leash on in the house for the puppy to get used to wearing it. Pick up the leash and call the puppy’s name. If he/she responds and comes reward with lots of praise and cuddles.

Gradually start taking puppy to the backyard or back garden and this will begin to enable the puppy associate the leash with going out time.

 Jumping Behavior and Training Golden Retriever Puppies.

  Training Golden Retriever Puppies -Jumping Golden Retriever puppies have a natural instinct to jump and have to be trained to break this habit. When training golden retriever puppies it is important to discourage them from jumping from very early on. The best Method to discourage them from jumping include ignoring them when they are jumping and not playing any game where jumping. Your cold shoulder will make them understand that you do not appreciate that act and will abandon it. If the puppy jumps on you when you come home for example from work avoid patting them but instead remain stern faced and look away until the puppy calms down. If the puppy does not calm down use a firm strong command like Sit or Down. It is important they begin to understand these basic commands for example Sit, Down and Stay.

To avoid your garden being dug up by your Golden Retriever puppy, give you puppy a designated are where he can dig. Make a sand box and put the puppy’s favorite toys or treats this will encourage them to dig that area only.

Conclusion :

Training golden retriever puppies may seem a daunting task at the start but eventually when they get into a routine they are very adorable and make excellent companions. But you need to be firm and consistent at the start and ensure they follow all instructions.

Golden Retriever puppies have a willingness to please their master, only job of yours is to make them understand what pleases you. Before you start training golden retriever puppies, you should have a clear understanding of two things— nature of puppy and the method of training you intend to use. The commands to be used should be clear and consistent. The commands should start with the simplest and move on to more complex one. The training sessions should be short and regular and more importantly must be free from any punishment or show of aggression.

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