Working Golden Retriever Dogs

Working Golden Retriever Dogs 2

Working Golden Retriever Dogs

Though there are many types of working dogs, involving many different breeds, let’s focus on working golden retriever dogs and the areas of work using this breed.

Have you ever watched a Golden Retriever walking beside his owners, carrying his own leash in his mouth? Have you seen the grin on that dog’s face? (Even Helpful Harry is happy to lend a hand at bath time.) I think it’s because he’s working (or at least, he thinks he is). Golden retriever dogs seem happiest when they’re working, and when they know they’re doing it well.

For thousands of years, we humans have been taking advantage of the dog’s desire to serve. And here they are, after all this time–still with that big goofy grin, still ready to do anything we ask them to do. As you probably already know, dogs have abilities far beyond those of humans in many areas.

Golden retriever dogs combine two powerful instincts:

  • The desire to retrieve (anything!)
  • And an incredible sense of smell.

Their “sniffer” skills are priceless in many areas. Here are a few of the most well-known ones:

  • Drug dogs
  • Bomb dogs
  • Police dogs
  • Search and rescue dogs

We’ll take a look at each of those doggy occupations to see how well Goldens fulfill their job descriptions.

Working Golden Retriever DogsThe extraordinary level of scent detection in many types of working golden retriever dogs is legendary. Besides their amazing sense of smell, there’s another reason these beautiful dogs do so well at their jobs. Their ability to concentrate on the task at hand makes Goldens one of the most popular working dog breeds.

They’re also natural people-pleasers! That’s why they work really hard to make sure their handlers are happy with their work. Golden retriever dogs in these important occupations are much more than just companions. They usually go through months or even years of extensive training.

When it’s time to work each day, a Golden Retriever will do everything he possibly can in order to reach the goal his handler sets for him. But when the work is over, he’s delighted to catch a Frisbee or retrieve a ball with his handler and other members of his human pack.

Whether at work or at play, Goldens give it their best!

No matter how many types of working dogs share our world, it’s a safe bet that most of them work because they love to work–not because they need a paycheck!

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