Arthritis in dogs: causes and treatement

Arthritis in dogs: causes and treatementArthritis in dogs: causes and treatement

When the Golden Retriever dog starts to limp, takes a lot of rests, and sometimes refuses to move at all. One probable reason for such behavior is that the Golden Retriever dog or puppy has dog arthritis. That is, every time the dog or puppy moves, pain and discomfort shoots up from his joint. Arthritis in dogs happens in the same way as arthritis in humans.

Arthritis or inflammation of the joints happens in Golden Retriever dogs or puppies when there are considerable certain changes in the structure of the bone joints. Some examples of such structural changes are:

  • Abnormal build-up of calcium
  • Occurrence of anomalous scar tissues
  • Irregular dissolution of parts of the cartilage
  • Painful shredding or rending of the cartilage
  • Unusual changes in the shape or form of the bones at the joints

Such structural changes chafe at the nerve fibers. Each time the joints are moved, the nerve cells are in danger of being crushed and such predicament sends painful signals to the brain.

Unfortunately, the above structural changes cannot be fixed. That is, once a joint (perhaps the hip joint) has been disfigured, it will remain that way. Once the Golden Retriever dog has “dog arthritis” in his joints, he will no longer regain his original healthy non-arthritis days. But arthritis in dogs may be prevented if the Golden Retriever dog’s owner is aware of the possible causes.

Arthritis in dogs: causes

Some identified causes of the dog arthritis are:

  • Sickness – Some diseases contracted by the Golden Retriever dog may lead to an infection or trauma on the surfaces of the joints. Before this complication could happen, the Golden Retriever dog must be brought to the vet when he falls ill.
  • Obesity – The Golden Retriever dog, during his years of growing up, may have been overweight and this placed a significant strain on his young and vulnerable joints. If a Golden Retriever puppy is prone to obesity, his eating habits must be carefully watched.
  • Auto-immune disorders – Such could have been caused by too much vaccination. The owner must be cautious in allowing his Golden Retriever dog to be vaccinated from all kinds of diseases. Such could lead to the degeneration of the bones.
  • Inadequate nutrition – The food may have been fed all the time but this does not mean that he is getting all the proteins and vitamins that he needs. The food given to the Golden Retriever dog or puppy must be monitored so that these can supply all the needed nutrients.
  • Accidents and fractures – The Golden Retriever dog fell the wrong way and his usually flexible ligaments and tendons are permanently left in tatters. This may be alleviated by a surgery called ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament surgery.
  • Heredity – The Golden Retriever dog inherited faulty genes that led to the formation of distorted structures of the bone. Not much can be done by the owner about this.

Arthritis in dogs: treatement

Although there is no cure for arthritis in dogs, the Golden Retriever dog need not look forward to lonely and painful days ahead for the rest of his life. There are supplements and formulations that will help in bringing down the inflammation and reduce the pain produced by the dog arthritis. Some of them are:

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