Are Bones Ok for My Golden Retriever?

Are Bones Ok for My Golden Retriever?

Golden retriever BonesThere is some debate over this subject. Some people think that all bones are ok. Some people think that cooked bones are bad but raw bones are ok. Others think that the reverse is true. One thing that many of them have in common is that they believe that bones provide necessary vitamins and nutrients to a golden retriever, as well as helping to clean the golden retriever’s teeth. Actually though, most veterinarians and other golden retriever experts do not recommend giving golden retrievers bones for several reasons.

The first issue is that there are better and easier ways to keep a golden retriever’s teeth clean. Most bones are so hard that, when chewing them, golden retriever’s can actually crack and break their teeth. Brushing your golden retriever’s teeth with toothpaste that is specially designed for golden retrievers or giving your golden retriever treats that are specially designed to help with tooth cleaning is a much safer method of cleaning your golden retriever’s teeth. Some great ones can be bought at amazon website.

Another issue is the dispute over the nutritional value of bones. The nutritional value is not in the bone itself, but in the meat and cartilage that is still attached to it. If you are looking for a vitamin supplement, I would try the Pawstive Health Brand, it is breed specific. Anything that can be gained by eating meat off of a bone can be found in the proper golden retriever vitamin.

By far, the biggest problem with feeding your golden retrievers bones is that most types of bones are impossible to chew or digest properly. If the bone is small enough or the golden retriever is large enough this can create several issues. The most immediate danger would be a choking hazard.

If the golden retriever manages to swallow a large chunk of bone then another problem can arise. Since most bones cannot be digested properly, they can get stuck in the golden retriever’s stomach or intestines. This blockage can cause toxic build up, bloat, infection and other life-threatening issues. In such cases, your golden retriever’s life is on the line. If you’re lucky enough to catch the problem in time then your only option is expensive emergency surgery.

So, if you want to give your golden retriever something to chew on, give him a toy. If you want him to have the best nutrition, find an appropriate brand of golden retriever vitamin. Avoid the temptation to give him a bone. After all, there’s no reason to take any risks with your golden retriever’s health when you don’t need to.

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