Can I Get Sick Picking Up Golden Retriever Dog Poop?

Can I Get Sick Picking Up Golden Retriever Dog Poop?

Golden retriever - Get Sick- 2It is entirely possible to get sick because of Golden retriever dog poop. A gram of DOG poop can contain over 20 million bacteria. DOG poop can also contain things like ring worms and tape worms. If you pick up DOG poop without using the proper equipment you could get sick. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t clean up after your golden retriever. People stand a much higher chance of getting sick if you don’t pick up your golden retriever’s poop immediately.

Dogs often poop in public parks or playgrounds where there are lots of children and other DOGS. If the golden retriever dogs eat each other’s poop or if the children touch or eat the DOG poop it can be a very unsanitary situation. If they then touch other objects or other children and DOGS they can spread bacteria everywhere.

Another problem is that both children and adults can easily step in the DOG poop without realizing it and then spread it around parks, sidewalks, in cars or even inside their houses. Aside from being unsanitary, DOG poop is also just plain annoying and difficult to clean off of shoes.

Another huge problem with DOG poop is that, after it sits a little while, it attracts flies. Flies feed off of trash, rotten food and waste materials. Therefore, they carry many bacteria all on their own. The flies then spread their own existing bacteria and the bacteria from the DOG poop everywhere.

The good news is that there are many good tools available for picking up your Golden retriever poop. In fact, many public parks in bigger cities now have DOG waste stations for disposing of the DOG poop.

By disposing of your Golden retriever poop properly and quickly, you can avoid spreading disease and bacteria and keep many people and animals from getting sick.

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