Dog Food Comparisons For Your Golden Retriever Dogs

Dog Food Comparisons For Your Golden Retriever DogsDog Food Comparisons For Your Golden Retriever Dogs

Dog food comparisons are a smart way to make sure your Golden Retriever pup gets the best possible nutrition.

Taking a few minutes to make a wise dog food comparison could mean the difference between having a happy, healthy Golden Retriever and a sad, sickly one.

I’ll try to guide you through the dizzying variety of dog foods available.

It used to take work and planning to give your furry friend good nutrition. But the dog food industry has made this job the easiest part of dog care.

The days of making elaborate homemade dog food diets are gone (unless you really want to). Now you can buy good health for your Barney by the bag.

Dog Food Comparisons — Decisions, Decisions!

Dog Food Comparisons For Your Golden RetrieversThe variety of dog food these days is truly mind-boggling. But that’s a good thing, because it gives you a chance to make dog food comparisons and buy the one that’s just right to meet your dog’s needs.

On the store shelves, you’ll find dog food for puppies and adults, low-fat dog food and other diet dog foods for your Chunky Charlie.

As you make your dog food comparisons, you’ll be amazed to see that you can buy hypoallergenic dog food, organic dog food, high fiber dog foods (for senior andoverweight dogs ), and several brands of specially formulated senior dogfood.

There are even special diets for dogs with special health problems, and freeze dried dog food for an easy-to-store all-meat alternative.

How do you know what’s the best dog food or puppy food for your furry friend?

Besides making a careful dog food comparison yourself, a good rule of thumb is to ask your veterinarian. Also, check with the breeder or shelter where you found your Golden Retriever Dog.

They might be able to tell you what kind of food he was getting before he joined your family. When it comes to feeding your Golden Retriever dog, you often get what you pay for, so don’t skimp.

Many years ago, when we were going through a financial squeeze, we bought the cheapest generic dry dog food we could find. When Ginger began dropping weight at an alarming rate, we took her to the vet in a panic.

Our usually soft-spoken vet soundly scolded us for endangering our dog’s health.

He informed us that even though a dog food label might list a reasonable percentage of protein, cheap dog foods often get their protein from indigestible sources–even chicken feathers!

Though there may be some good generic brands on the market, we’ve steered clear of them ever since our nearly tragic mistake.

Dog Food Comparisons For Various Ages and Stages

Dog Food Comparisons For Various Ages

Your Golden Retriever Dog’s nutritional needs will change throughout his lifetime. You need to make wise dog food comparisons for each stage of his life.

That helps you get your Golden Retriever puppy off to a great start, and makes sure your dog can lead a healthy life for many years.

A puppy requires about twice the nutrients per pound of body weight as an adult dog.

High-quality healthy puppy food is specially formulated to meet the needs of your growing pup. Ask your vet for his recommendation of the best brand of puppy food.

There are three main types of commercial dog food available: dry, canned, and semi-moist.

No matter which type of commercial food you choose, be sure to read the label carefully for nutritional information and feeding tips.

Dry Dog Food Comparisons

Kibble refers to any dry dog food that comes in a bag. That includes meal, chunks, bits, or cubes. You can buy it in two-pound boxes (expensive) or in five, ten, twenty-five, or fifty-pound bags (cheaper and cheapest).

There are many brands, styles and flavors of kibble available. The best dry dog foods meet the nutritional requirements of dogs at various stages of their lives, and are well balanced for proper growth. In addition, dry puppy food (kibble) provides great chewing exercise for those young, developing jaw muscles.

When it comes to dry dog food comparison shopping, you’re generally safe if you stick with well-known brands. There are many advantages of dry dog foods over canned and semi-moist dog foods:

  • Veterinarians recommend dry food because it helps decrease plaque and tartar buildup by the scraping, cleaning action against the teeth.
  • Crunching the hard kibble provides exercise for his chewing muscles (besides all the chew toys you give him).
  • It’s the lightest, cheapest, best balanced, easiest to store type of dog food you can buy.
  • It makes Poop Patrol a lot faster, because your Golden Retriever Dog’s stools will be compact and firm for easy cleanup. (Sorry if that was more than you wanted to know!)

When making dog food comparisons, keep in mind that proper dog food storage is vital. If you keep it in a clean, dry place, preferably sealed up in a metal or plastic container with a cover, it will stay fresh for a long time.

We use one of those big metal cans that popcorn comes in. I wonder if my dogs can still smell the popcorn?

Together with plenty of fresh drinking water, a premium dry dog food will provide excellent nutrition for your canine companion.

Dog Food Comparisons — Is Canned Dog Food OK?

Dog Food Comparisons - Canned Dog food- golden retrieverA thoughtful dog food comparison must include canned dog food, too. What about all those cans of Alpo on the store shelf? Are they OK, too?

While canned food itself isn’t “bad” for dogs, remember that you’re basically paying for 70 percent water.

Besides that, dogs whose diets consist mainly of canned or soft foods have a greater tendency to develop plaque buildup on their teeth as well as gum disease. They’re missing out on the great scraping action that dry dog food provides.

Occasional, small amounts of canned food are OK as a snack, or added to dry food to help a finicky eater chow down (rarely a problem with Golden Retrievers!).

Puppies and adolescent dogs might benefit from the calories and fat in canned food, in limited amounts. But don’t go this route unless your vet says Puppy Pete needs a boost in calories.

Dog Food Comparisons — Semi-Moist Premium Dog Food

This category includes fake burgers, fake beef cubes, and whatever else the people in the marketing department dream up. Semi-moist foods are loaded with sugar and chemical additives.

And while they’re handy in a pinch when you’re traveling, they don’t offer the nutritional benefits of premium kibble.

Are Table Scraps Included in Dog Food Comparisons?

No dog food comparison discussion would be complete without mentioning table scraps.

I’m sure your porky pooch would love to eat people food all day long, but it wouldn’t be good for him.

The biggest problem with feeding fatty table scraps is that it can cause pancreatitis, which is an inflammation of the pancreas.

The severity of pancreatitis (and the vomiting and diarrhea that come with it) can range from mild to life threatening.

Feeding your pooch table scraps also messes up his nutritional balance.

If you insist on feeding Chunky Charlie table food, keep it low fat. The occasional safe scraps that you could add to a well-balanced, dry dog food diet include boiled chicken (no fat, skin, or bones) or boiled hamburger (no fat) in small amounts.

This all may sound a bit confusing. But if you take a little time to make some wise dog food comparisons, and then stick with that top quality dog food, you’ll enjoy many happy years with your healthy Golden Retriever.

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