Dog Insurance : Does Your Dog Need Health Insurance?

Dog Insurance Dog Insurance : Does Your Dog Need Health Insurance?

Every Golden Retriever dog owner’s worst fear is to have a pet suffering or in pain, and to not be able to afford to get medical treatment for the dog. Veterinary bills can be quite expensive and if you are unable to pay for your Golden Retriever dog’s treatment, the only choice left may be to put the dog to sleep to put an end to it’s suffering.

More and more Golden Retriever dog owners are learning that there is affordable dog insurance available. This is great news for Golden Retriever dog lovers since advanced treatments that were once only used for humans, can now be used to treat dogs as well. Veterinarians can now perform transplants, treat cancer, and do hip replacements on Golden Retriever dogs. This is great news especially when you consider that an estimated 45% of dogs die from cancer.

Less than one percent of Americans take advantage of dog insurance. The costs in treating curable afflictions in Golden Retriever dogs can be overwhelming, leaving dog owners no choice but to have their dogs put to sleep. Dog insurance is much like health insurance for humans. You pay a premium and there are deductibles that vary depending on which type of coverage you choose. There are exclusions and limitations on preexisting conditions, so read the extent of coverage thoroughly before purchasing a policy.

Some of the issues about dog insurance to consider are:

Your Golden Retriever dog’s age: Premiums rise as your dog ages and reach the age where health problems become more frequent.

The level of coverage you desire: There are basic health plans and available upgrades.

Understand what is covered: A basic policy will normally cover treatments for illness, accidents, and injuries.

Before purchasing your dog insurance, you should know that there are variations and upgrades that can be purchased. So make certain you understand what does insurance policy covers. Health insurance for your Golden Retriever dog could potentially save you a lot of money if your dog becomes ill, and it could save you the heartbreak of having to have your dog put to sleep in case of serious illness or a major accident.

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