Flea Bites on Dogs

Flea Bites on Dogs: Case of Golden Retriever dogs

Flea Bites on Dogs
Flea Bites on Golden Retriever Dog

The flea bites on dogs are mortal enemy, especially for the Golden Retriever dogs or puppies. Flea may be a very small creature but its effects on a golden retriever dogs or puppies are very much felt. If you don’t believe me how powerful a fleas bites on dogs are, here are some quick facts.

The flea has already outlived us humans because they have been around for millions of years. They can quickly adjust to a new environment and have no problem with its new living conditions. They could even produce thousands of off-springs in the span of months. Their leap is also powerful for their size; they could leap as high as 15 to 36 inches high. In a human world, that’s equivalent to leaping over the Washington monument.

Those things may be pretty amazing but when it comes to your Golden Retriever dog’s health, flea bites are very much irritating. These flea bites on dogs cause mild skin irritation to becoming severe allergic reactions. Since fleas feed on blood, a Golden Retriever dog or puppies with lots of fleas can have anemia or even die. Fleas are the real vampires. Golden Retriever dog or puppies that are not susceptible to flea bites are those that live in extremely dry places or high environments.

It is very hard to see if your Golden Retriever dog or puppy has encountered flea bites. However you can check out for signs of flea bites on dogs. Look for scabs, extreme scratching, flea dirt or dark specs that are all found on your golden retriever puppies or dog’s skin. Fleas can even become more dangerous when they carry tapeworms. Check out the rear area of your golden retriever dog if there are any white rice specs that are present as they are signs of tapeworms.

Fleas on dogs are very hard to get rid of. It will take you 3-4 weeks to get them away from your Golden Retriever dog and your environment. There are lots of different flea products that can be used and are all different depending on the life stage of the flea. The best thing to do is combine all of them.

Flea Bites on Dogs : Getting rid of fleas

Adult fleas on your Golden Retriever dog can be killed using flea shampoos, powders, and sprays and regularly combing of flea combs. It is not enough to get rid of the fleas on the dog alone. The fleas at your place should also be getting rid of.

To get rid of fleas at your house you would need to vacuum and wash the Golden Retriever dogs bedding at least once a week. Every two to four weeks also spay insecticide on your house’s cracks or crevices. Using chemicals to get rid of fleas could be dangerous. So the best way is to get help from your vet or hire a professional.

If your Golden Retriever dog or puppy stays mostly outside, getting the dog in the sunlight helps to eliminate flea on dog. Fleas can die from the sunlight. You may also want to spray your yard.

Now that those pesky fleas are gone, you and your Golden Retriever dog can have a more fun. You can snuggle the dog more without worrying of getting some fleas on you too.

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