Golden Retriever Bad Breath: Causes and Treatment

Golden Retriever Bad Breath: Causes and Treatment

Golden Retriever Bad Breath- petitHumans are living longer and so are their DOGS. It stands to reason that man’s best friend is living a longer life. But the extended lifespan has nothing to do with canines trying to mimic their masters. Veterinarian science is uncovering the mysteries of DOG health. Verisimilar to us homo sapiens, preventative medicine is making it possible for your DOG to live a long and fruitful life.

Veterinarians correlate a Golden retriever dog’s health to its dental disorders. Since, most Golden retrievers with severe medical problems are dental problems; prevention of oral diseases is mission critical. Not to mention, dental health is leading health issue in Golden retriever dogs. Animal doctors advocate good dental care at the veterinarian as well as at home.

Here are below a review of the following oral issues and diseases face by golden retrievers:

Plaque While most Golden retriever dogs are not susceptible to cavities, may are vulnerable to excessive tartar build-up on the teeth and gum disease. Dormant food particles left behind after eating, form plaque along the gum-line. A bacterium collects and formulates making a golden retriever’s teeth a cultivation area for plaque.

Tartar In case you’ve been wondering how and why your golden retriever’s breath smells like a rotten eggs, it may have to do with your dog’s tartar build-up. Whenever, plaque is not removed, minerals in your golden retriever’s saliva blend with its plaque. The by-product of this mixture produces tartar (or calculus). Next, the calculus or tartar develop a bond in your Golden retriever dog’s mouth by adhering to it’s teeth.

Three to five days after plaque lies dormant in the mouth is mineralized and forms tartar. Since tartar is an irritant to the gums, it induces an inflammation and disease referred to as gingivitis.

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