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Golden Retriever breedersAbout Golden Retriever Breeder Alternatives

When it comes to adding a new pet addition to your family, your first primary objective is to find the best and a reputable golden retriever breeder. A healthy canine is far more important, than a sickly discounted golden retriever dog. The goal of this article is to help you get and purchase a socially well-adjusted purebred with little if any medical conditions.

There are three alternatives in selecting the right golden retriever dog breeder:

Backyard Breeder The backyard breeder aka your neighbor is not the best choice in buying a purebred Golden retriever puppy. The backyard golden retriever breeder uses breeding as a source of entertainment for the kids or to supplement their income. The problem with the backyard breeder is that they usually possess little knowledge on the breed history, basic standards of the breed, and proper care and grooming. The objective of the backyard breeder is to manufacture pups for an expedient sell.

Pet Shops and Golden Retriever Dealers Verisimilar to the backyard breeder, pet shops and golden retriever dealers usually breed and raise puppies negligently. Purebred pups are purely merchandise opposed to a cherished being. For pet shops and golden retriever dealers, puppies represent substantial profits. Their profit margin is high because very little maintenance or care is used to raise these purebred pups. In fact, high percentages are sickly.

Hobby Breeder For the ultimate choice in purebred puppies (baby golden retrievers), the hobby breeder is quite dedicated, devoted and serious about producing golden retrievers of the finest caliber. Generally, the hobby breeder does not breed for profit; instead, they do it for the genuine love and perfection of helping develop the finest canine specimens of Golden retriever breed. Consequently, you can be confident of a golden retriever bred with the best quality.

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