Golden Retriever Coat Care : Keeping Your Golden Retriever’s Coat Shiny

Golden Retriever Coat Care -Golden Retriever Coat Care : Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Shiny.

When we are talking about Golden retriever grooming, one of the most commonly asked question involving golden retriever coat care is how to keep your golden retrievers coat shiny and healthy. Different breeds of DOGS have different coats, and so some breeds will need specialized coat care to keep it shiny, but hair is a protein, regardless of style, so there are some common steps for your golden retriever coat care to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy.

The first thing to look at is your golden retriever dog’s diet. Unless your golden retriever dog is very old, or of a species that shouldn’t, feed it a diet that is high in quality protein. Meat based dry DOG food is usually best. Meat based is the most important factor since that is the most digestible, and hence most useful, protein to your golden retriever dog.

General health also helps your golden retriever to have a shiny coat. So makes sure that your golden retriever has access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Most DOG foods, especially the meat based dry foods, will provide enough vitamins to keep your golden retriever healthy, and in turn to keep your golden retriever’s coat shiny. There are extra vitamin supplements offered and there are some great ones at

In addition to this, brushing your golden retriever coat on a frequent basis will help to guarantee a healthy and shiny coat. Use specific golden retriever shampoos when bathing your pet, and make sure to rinse the golden retriever fully. Left over shampoo or conditioner can not only dull the coat, but may be irritating to the golden retriever’s skin. Take these basic steps of golden retriever coat care and in a relatively short time you should notice a drastic improvement in your golden retrievers coat.

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