Popular Types Of Golden Retriever Dog Carriers

Popular Types Of Golden Retriever Dog Carriers

Golden Retriever Dog CarriersDOG carriers can be a necessity if you are traveling across country with your golden retriever, or even a distance to your local vet. What DOG carrier is best for your golden retriever depends on what your specific needs are. Some thought on these questions are important, since prices can range anywhere from the cheap ($30) to the extravagant ($1,000).

One of the most popular types of DOG carriers is the wheeled carrier. In general, wheeled DOG carriers have a handle that makes them easy to pull along so you don’t have to carry them. As with any type of DOG carrier, you need to make sure you have the right size for your Golden retriever dog. For most DOG carriers (which are generally designed for smaller DOGS: it simply doesn’t make sense to make one for a St. Bernard), the “weight” scales can be divided into three types: small, medium, and large.

Small DOG carriers are usually good for Golden retriever dogs that go up to eight pounds. For DOGS slightly larger than that, the medium scale of DOG carriers are good for DOGS from 8-15 lbs. A large DOG carrier is often good for up to a full 30 lbs. In addition to just the basic weight outlines, however, you still want to check out to make sure that your pet will be comfortable in whatever you choose. Front DOG carriers are another popular choice, though this only works for very small pets. These are shaped liked like vests, and let you carry your little DOG or puppy around without having to use your hands. You’ll want to look for one with shoulder straps that adjust for comfort and have solid padding, especially at the bottom.

There are also DOG tote carriers. You’ll want to look for totes with appropriate ventilation and that are easy to open and close. Another consideration is that since these types of totes are used often with traveling, you’ll want to look for totes with good grips on the bottom to keep it from sliding about.

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