Can a Good Golden Retriever be Found in DOG Shelters?

Can a Good Golden Retriever be Found in DOG Shelters?

Golden Retriever be Found in Shelters 2Many people feel like shelter golden retrievers are not as good as other DOGS. They feel that shelter golden retrievers are often there because they are sick or vicious or otherwise undesirable. The truth is, if you know what to look for, yes, a good golden retriever can definitely be found at a DOG shelter.

There are actually quite a few advantages to adopting most shelter DOGS. First, many shelter DOGS are already housebroken. Second, unlike puppies, older shelter DOGS are already up to date on all of their shots and spayed or neutered. Third, many shelter DOGS already know a few basic commands, which makes them generally easier to train.

It’s important to note that every shelter DOG is not suited for every family. Sometimes shelter employees do not know the full history of the golden retriever. A golden retriever dog that has been abused may react in odd ways to things that you, as the new owner, may not be aware of. There are some easy ways to avoid that and be sure that the golden retriever you get is right for your family.

First, examine the shelter itself. Make sure that you choose to adopt from a shelter where the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If the staff is unfriendly or the facility is unclean, choose another shelter.

Also, if possible, get the complete history of the golden retriever. Ask where it came from and how it got there. The history of the golden retriever will tell you a lot about its personality.

Whether you can get the golden retriever’s info and history or not, it’s good to just observe all of the DOGS at the shelter. Visit the shelter a couple of times with the whole family. Observe how the DOGS react to each family member. That will be a good indication of things to come.

By following this simple advice, as well as your own instincts, you can easily find a fabulous shelter DOG.

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