Golden Retriever History

Golden Retriever History -StartedGolden Retriever History

Golden Retriever history is as colorful as the breed itself, as you’ll soon discover. Where did Golden retrievers come from? How long has this lovely breed been around? What country lays claim to its beginnings? How did this lovely breed spread to other countries? And how long have Golden retriever dogs been recognized as being a distinct and separate dog breed?

The origin of Golden Retriever dogs is as colorful as the breed itself.

Golden Retriever History Started With Nous

Golden Retriever History -Started 2It all began with the first Lord Tweedmouth, Dudley Coutts Marjoribanks (pronounced “Marshbanks”).

The History tells that he got a yellow retriever from a cobbler. He spotted the cobbler and his dog walking through the streets of Brighton in the south of England. The cobbler had been given the dog as payment for a debt owed to him.

Lord Tweedmouth bought the yellow dog from the cobbler and named him Nous, which is Gaelic for “wisdom.”

According to the most commonly accepted Golden Retriever history, he is supposed to have been the only yellow dog from a litter of black, wavy-coated puppies born in 1864.

Existing pictures of Nous show a large, handsome dog with a very wavy, medium-color coat, very much resembling modern Golden retriever dogs.

Golden Retriever History Began On a Scottish Estate

Golden Retriever History -Scottish EstateAccording to the history of the area, Lord Tweedmouth enjoyed hunting game birds of all kinds.

Shooting parties were a great feature of life at Guisachan. That was the name of Lord Tweedmouth’s extensive Scottish country estate. It was located in Scotland on the Tweed River in the hills of Inverness. Nous quickly proved his worth retrieving birds.

The pups he sired were also well-known for their excellent hunting abilities.

Word of the Golden retriever dogs’ beauty and skills spread very quickly. It wasn’t long before dog breeders throughout Europe began to take in consediration these new hunting breed.

Their versatility and outstanding good looks made them popular with hunters everywhere.

The development of the Golden retriever as breed had its ups and downs. But it was only a matter of time before Golden retriever dogs arrived in America.

The humble beginnings of Golden Retriever history served as the springboard to introduce these special breed around the world. They quickly became one of the most popular dogs for both hunters and families.

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