Is It Ok To Put My Golden Retriever in a Kennel While On Vacation?

Golden retriever vacation - 3Is It Ok To Put My Golden Retriever in a Kennel While On Vacation?

The choice to kennel your golden retriever when your family goes on vacation depends greatly on both the individual golden retriever dog and the kennels available in your area.

If you are planning to kennel your golden retriever dog, consider the golden retriever’s personality. If your golden retriever does not get along with other DOGS or cats then the kennel may be a bad choice. You may want to have someone come to your house to watch your golden retriever instead.

If you do choose to kennel your golden retriever dog, you should be sure that the golden retriever knows how to sit on command. That will help the kennel staff, especially during meal time. You should also inform the kennel staff about any behavioral quirks that your golden retriever may have. Remember that kennel staff will not know your golden retriever like you do. What seems normal to you might be unexpected to them.

Once you determine whether your golden retriever’s personality is suitable for a kennel, the next thing to do is to find an appropriate kennel. This process should be started long before you leave for vacation. It is not a decision to make lightly.

Tour each kennel that you are considering. A good kennel should be fairly clean. However, it’s nearly impossible to keep any kennel completely clean at all times. Also, the staff should be friendly and well informed. A good kennel should offer medical care if your golden retriever gets sick or injured on their watch. They should also require that all animals are up to date on their shots.

Some kennels have more features than others, so, beyond these simple basics, the choice of which kennel to bring your golden retriever to is mostly a matter of personal preference. The best advice, when choosing a kennel, is to follow your instincts.

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