Does My Golden Retriever Need a DOG Tag?

golden retriever dog tagDoes My Golden Retriever Need a DOG Tag?

One of the most important things a golden retriever owner can do for their golden retriever is to make sure that he or she has DOG tags attached to their collar. A DOG tag identifies your golden retriever’s name and address in the event that he gets lost and is vital accessory to finding your golden retriever as quickly as possible. What are the different types of dog tags and Does My Golden Retriever Need a dog tag?

1- Different Types of DOG Tags

A DOG tag comes in many different sizes, shapes and colors. They can be made in local Wal Mart and Target stores, as well as pet supply stores around the country for a very minimal cost. They attach to a DOG collar via a double rolled metal ring that usually stays on, but for extra protection, take pliers to crimp the edges together for added security.

A DOG ID tag is not the same thing as a DOG license tag. A DOG license tag often has a code number to identify the golden retriever and information on whether the golden retriever has had its shots. A DOG license tag allows anyone that finds the golden retriever to contact the vet that the license came from, but, if it’s after hours or a weekend the vet may be closed.

A DOG ID tag, on the other hand, is a personal DOG tag that the owner can put important information on. This information generally includes the golden retriever’s name, home address, phone number and occasionally things like allergies that the golden retriever has. This allows the average person on the street to contact the golden retriever’s family quickly and easily any day of the week.

It’s also important to remember that a DOG ID tag is only as good as the collar it’s attached to. Be sure that your golden retriever’s collar is not too tight or too loose and that it is made of a material that you can easily attach the DOG ID tag to. After all, the tag will not do anyone any good if it falls off and gets lost.

2- Does My Golden Retriever Need a DOG Tag?

golden-retriever-dog-tagAny golden retriever dog that is going to be outside should always wear a DOG tag (ID tag). In fact, even golden retrievers that are primarily indoors should wear a DOG tag incase they somehow find their way outside.

Today, many golden retrievers are being implanted with microchips about the size of a grain of rice that is inserted under the skin through an injection. However, this method of golden retriever identification is not so easy as looking at a tag on a DOG collar, and many facilities, especially out in rural areas, don’t have the equipment to scan a microchip. Sticking to traditional DOG tags is still the most common method of providing identification for golden retrievers and will continue to be for quite some time.

Make sure that your Golden retriever dog tags are kept up to date. If you move or change your phone number, make sure you replace the information on the tag to reflect the change. Sure, DOG collars and tags come off, but if you take the time to adequately size your golden retriever, purchase the right size collar and make sure you crimp DOG tag attachments, chances are that your DOG tags will stay on for months. Periodically check to make sure that dog collars fit snugly and have not stretched after use by becoming wet, and tug on the DOG tag occasionally to also make sure it’s secure.

While it’s not usually required that an owner put a personal ID tag on their golden retriever, the benefits of doing so are obvious.

No one likes to lose their golden retriever, but by knowing that your golden retriever is wearing a DOG tag with your golden retriever’s name, address and telephone number on it, chances of recovering your golden retriever will dramatically increase.

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