A new golden retriever puppy requirements

A New Golden Retriever Puppies Requirements

A new golden retriever puppy requirements

One look at a golden retriever puppy and it‘s love at first sight! They are too cute! But bringing a new dog into the family should not be a fast decision despite its precious face. A new golden retriever puppy requires an everyday, life-long commitment. Especially since the life expectancy of Golden Retriever puppies is up to fifteen years. Many dogs from retail stores are from puppy mills where their parents are bred too often, in bad health and spend most of their life in a cage. Golden retriever Puppies have inhumane conditions and the non-stop breeding of unhealthy and genetically defective dogs are only for profit. To end the horrors of puppy lab abuse, refuse to buy from the pet stores who sell puppies of any kind.

An important bit of advice is to always buy from a certified breeder of Golden Retriever puppies. Ask to check out the mother and father dogs of the pup you are buying as the traits and the temperaments of the mother and father dog are passed down generationally to their golden retriever puppy. Quality breeders would provide documented history of the parents’ medical and social background.

The OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) provides an x-ray diagnosis that checks for Hip Dysphasia. Most breeders offer a one year health guarantee and keep their dogs up to date on shots and worming. The best clue to identifying quality breeders is to observe that they are mostly concerned about finding a loving home for their golden retriever puppy.

Although this breed matures by age 2, they may continue to act like puppies until they are about 3 years old. A golden retriever puppy loves to chew. They need an ongoing supply of chew toys to keep them from ruining objects in your home. Their energetic and keen intelligence can make them easily bored, so owners must keep them busy. Include them in all family hiking, hunting, or jogging expeditions. Make playing fetch or going on a long walk a daily routine.

Placing your pup into a dog training/obedience class is a wise choice. Golden Retriever puppies want to delight their owners and are easily trained. The first three dogs ever to win the overall AKC Obedience Championships were Golden Retrievers.

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