Golden Retriever Treats, Are They Good For Your Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever Treats, Are They Good For Your Golden Retriever?

Golden Retriever Treats- 2People aren’t the only ones who enjoy surprises and treats once in a while. Pets love treats too, especially golden retrievers. Finding popular DOG treats is easy when you shop for them at local pet supply stores, and the varieties are endless when it comes to finding both edible and non-edible treats for your best friend. Are the golden retriever treats good For Your dog? And what are the most popular dog treats.

1- Golden Retriever Treats And Health Standards

Since there are many golden retriever treats on today’s market, there is no simple answer to this question. Just like some humans choose to snack on granola bars, while others choose chocolate cake, one golden retriever treat is not always as healthy as another.

The health standards for DOG treats are similar to the health standards for human foods. The healthiest golden retriever dog treats are usually rich in nutrients and low in fat. Some also have the added benefit of helping to clean a DOG’S teeth.

In General, many of the healthiest golden retriever treats are all-natural or home-made. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to devote to making their own golden retriever treats. So, when buying golden retriever treats, read the ingredients and health information listed on the packaging.

2- Popular Golden Retriever Treats

One of the most popular golden retriever treats offered in pet stores across the nation are the rawhide chews that come available in a variety of shapes, including bones, moccasins, balls and just about anything else you can think of. Golden Retrievers love these chews, and some are B-B-Q-flavored, while others are enhanced with meat flavors. Golden Retrievers will spend hours chewing on these treats. Another extremely popular treat for golden retrievers are the pigs’ ears that are sold by the thousands every day across the country. They’re cheap and golden retrievers can chew of them for days. Chewing is good exercise for your golden retriever’s jaws and keeps their teeth healthy and strong.

While most rawhide DOG chews have no nutritional value, they provide something different for your golden retriever to occupy his or her time with, and aside of the benefits of the chewing exercise, your golden retrievers tail will wag for hours when occupied gnawing and nibbling on their rawhide chews. Golden Retrievers also like to chew on ropes, or better yet, a real joint bone from your local butcher’s shop. If you buy a joint bone for your golden retriever, make sure you find one that will suit the size of your golden retriever. Many people purchase a knee or shoulder joint bone, and then boil it and dry it before offering it to their golden retrievers, as it will last forever and won’t break or be accidentally swallowed.

Making and creating your own popular golden retriever treats are another option, and packages and recipes abound for creating wholesome, nutritious golden retriever treats in your own kitchen, using ingredients such as liver, giblets, whole grain rice and vegetables. Such recipe ingredients are then shaped into fire hydrants, cats, balls and bones for your golden retrievers enjoyment. One very simple treat is to bake beef liver in your oven until it’s crisp. (You may not like the smell, but it will drive your golden retriever crazy with anticipation)!

Still, the most popular golden retriever treats continue to be the rawhide chews. Just insure that your golden retriever isn’t taking huge bites of it, which can swell to four times their size when they become wet, as in the golden retriever’s stomach. Of course, traditional DOG biscuit bones are still a great favorite among most DOG breeds, so you should always have some of those on hand as well. Don’t forget, golden retrievers like treats too, so ensure that you have a variety of them to offer on a regular basis.

3- Read The Serving Directions Before Using Your Golden Retriever Treats

Note that there are certain things that golden retrievers should not be given as treats. Not only do these treats present a choking hazard, especially for large breeds, but rawhide also does not digest well. It simply sits in a golden retriever dog’s stomach for a while and then moves through their system in the same size and shape that it was when they ate it. This can result in dangerous things for your pet, like food poisoning or intestinal blockage for your golden retriever dog.

Even when you find a healthy type of golden retriever treats for your pet; it’s important that you read the serving directions. The healthiest of treats can quickly become unhealthy if you give your golden retriever too many of them in a short amount of time.

I Hope, these guidelines about Golden Retriever Treats will help you, golden retriever owner, to find the right healthy treat for your lovely golden retriever.

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