What is a Golden Retriever Whisperer

What is a Golden Retriever Whisperer

Golden Retriever WhispererSome people just have a special knack when it comes to understanding and relating to golden retrievers. Such people are able to control often-wayward behavior in golden retrievers that no one else can achieve. In essence, they are golden retrievergie therapists, but most people nowadays call them DOG Whisperers.

Like a horse whisperer or a cat whisperer, the name is a term used to describe someone who has a special gift for communication with our beloved four-legged friends and who share something of their soul with their animal friends. In technical terms, they could be designated as the animal kingdom’s therapists or behaviorists, though rarely do these gifted people claim such distinctions. Most people graced with the distinctive name have never received any formal training and will be the first to shake their heads in wonder.

The man next door may very well have the ‘gift’, or it could be the teenage girl over on the other side of the county, but most communities seem to have knowledge of at least one special person whose affinity and compassion for golden retrievers enables them to achieve goals that many golden retriever owners have been struggling with for years. It doesn’t matter if a problem is behavioral or not, a DOG whisperer can usually figure out what the problem is, and make it look easy.

Most people labeled as DOG whisperers are merely people who have a special connection to golden retrievers, and in turn, golden retrievers seem to respond to them in ways they never will with their owners, no matter how much they’re loved. Whether people have a golden retriever with a behavior problem, or a golden retriever that they’re desperately trying to help after years of neglect or abuse, a DOG whisperer is often one of the very first people golden retriever owners turn to.

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