Healthy Basics of Golden Retriever Care

Healthy Basics of Golden Retriever Care

Healthy Basics of Golden Retriever Care

– Unless specifically labeled safe for use, never apply insect repellent products or sunscreen onto your Golden retriever. The ingestion of insecticides, sunscreen products and other pest controls may result in excessive thirstiness; diarrhea, drooling, and lethargy are symptomatic of chemical ingestion. Avoid the overusing insect repellents that contain the chemical DEET because it can lead to neurological disorders.

– When entertaining outdoors, be aware of keeping matches, charcoal, citronella candles, lighter fluid, and other potentially poisonous items out of your golden retrievers’ reach. (Here is more information about poisonous plants for Golden retriever dogs)

– Close up any open unscreened windows, doors and other spaces to safeguard your golden retriever from fallings or having an accident.

– Outdoor caution is advised in older, overweight or golden retrievers sensitive to heat.. Snub-nosed DOGS (brachycephalic) such as: pugs, bulldogs, shih tzus Boston terriers, Lhasa apsos are prone to heat induced complications. Canines diagnosed with heart and lung diseases should be housed in a the comfort of an air-conditioned room (as much as possible).

– For a day at the beach, find a shaded spot where your golden retriever has access to an ample supply of fresh water.

– After a dip in the ocean, always rinse off your salty golden retrievers.

– During walks through the park or other grassland try to avoid areas that may have been sprayed with pesticides, insecticides and any other harsh chemicals.

– Late spring and early summer are the best times to schedule your golden retriever’s visit to the veterinarian. Canines should be tested for heartworms specifically for golden retrievers who are not taking a year-round preventive medication.

– Seek medical advice from a veterinarian to inquire about safe recommendations against parasites as well as an effective flea and tick control program. (Here are more medical advices for Golden retriever)

– Provide fresh water and plenty of shade for animals kept outdoors; a properly constructed golden retriever house serves best. Bring your golden retriever inside during the heat of the day to rest in a cool part of the house.

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