Is It Ok To Keep My Golden Retriever Outside?

Is It Ok To Keep My Golden Retriever Outside?

Keep My Golden Retriever Outside -2This is an ongoing debate that may never be over. Some people feel that golden retrievers are supposed to guard the home, not be part of it. Others feel that golden retrievers should be kept indoors mostly and treated as loyal and trusted family members.

Dogs have a need to be part of a pack. They enjoy being a member of the family unit. While some breeds of DOG can physically survive being left outside, it can take a mental toll on them. They require more social stimulation than most owners, even with the best of intentions, are capable of giving.

Many outdoor golden retrievers become overwhelmed and stressed (read more about a golden retriever separation anxiety)by their situation. This can cause barking, scratching, fear or aggression toward anyone or anything that comes their way. Unfortunately, some owners think that that is a good thing because they feel that it makes the golden retriever more protective of the property. Keep in mind that a security system can protect your property more than a tied up golden retriever can, and you don’t have to feed the security system.

Consider for a moment how bored you would be if you were tied to a rope and left alone for even an hour or two. Well, an outdoor golden retriever endures that every single day.

Other things to consider are the type of golden retriever and the weather in your area. In a hot climate a golden retriever can easily suffer from dehydration and heat exhaustion. In a cold environment they have the potential to freeze to death. Larger DOGS tend to do better outside than smaller DOGS, but even larger DOGS need socialization.

So, if you are determined to keep a golden retriever outside, be sure to spend plenty of time playing with it, give it a good shelter from whatever your weather conditions may be, keep its area clean, keep a constant supply of food and water and allow it some room to run, whether on a leash or in a fenced in yard.

The bottom line is that you can keep some types of DOGS outside under some conditions, but if you aren’t planning to spend time with your golden retriever then you probably shouldn’t own one.

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