Know Your Golden Retriever Breeders

Know Your Golden Retriever Breeders

Know Your Golden Retriever Breeders

When purchasing a new pet, searching through the many Golden Retriever breeders may take some time and consideration. A smart choice is to exclude the many pet stores available and pick a knowledgeable breeder. Finding a breeder who is not in the business to make money can also be a challenge. A Golden will live up to 12 years and maybe more. So searching for that high quality, healthy puppy can be well worth the effort. Visit our directory to find breeders in your state or city.

Before buying, become educated about all the aspects of a Golden’s needs and temperament. You’ll then know what questions to ask when interviewing Golden Retriever breeders. Bad breeding can cause a number of health problems. Like other large dogs, they are prone to hip dysphasia due to the strain put on those joints while being active. Always check for other conditions such as heart and eye problems or skin disorders and other allergy problems.

The most important information to get from Golden Retriever breeders is the parents’ history. They should have received an X-ray diagnosis from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) that checks for hip dysphasia. Most breeders offer a one year health guarantee and keep their dogs up to date on shots and worming.

Typically reputable Golden Retriever breeders are passionate and love to talk about their dog breed, and really show them off. Breeders would discuss and disclose all information about the breeding pair. They would allow you to visit the parents so you could observe the personality traits your puppy has inherited.

Always discover what they as breeders are looking for in potential owners. True Golden Retriever breeders want their puppies to have a great, loving home and caring responsible owners. They should also have a documented policy that they would accept the puppy back if for whatever circumstance you aren’t able to care for it.

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