How to Cope with a Missing Golden Retriever

How to Cope with a Missing Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever missingRoaming, wandering and missing Golden retriever dog can be one of the inevitable side events of DOG ownership. When you’re at the golden retriever park, it may be easy for your golden retriever to roam outside of the confines of the area. But how do you handle a roaming, wandering or even worse, a missing Golden retriever dog?

Review these tips on dealing with a missing Golden Retriever dog:

1) Whatever you do ‘ do not panic.

2) Remain calm by staying in one place so that your golden retriever dog can find its way back to you as you call its name.

3) Request a friend to help you find your golden retriever dog so that you can remain in the last place your golden retriever saw you. While you wait for the return of your canine, ask the friend to scour the immediate area.

4) After two hours, if you did not find your Golden retriever dog, assume your pet is lost or stolen.

5) Contact your veterinarian and animal shelters to post a missing DOG report.

6) Create a missing DOG pamphlet. Include a photo of your golden retriever, along with your contact information and a nominal reward. Remember to share these photos with your vet and local animal shelters.

7) Be proactive in talking to as many neighbors and other DOG owners of the area to inquire about your DOG.

DOG Tip: To protect and identify your Golden retriever, obtain an ID tag. These metal tags come engraved in metal, in plastic and in other materials. There are innumerous types of ID tags that fit on a wide array of DOG collars (Here are some great collars for Golden Retrievers). To make it hard for thieves to commandeer your DOG, do not include your canine’s name on the ID tag.

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