The Rabies Reality : Are Golden Retrievers Susceptible to Rabies

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The Rabies Reality : Are Golden Retrievers Susceptible to Rabies

Who is most susceptible to rabies? Most warm-blooded animals are vulnerable to contracting the virus, rabies. Medical experts and veterinarians note that certain species are more immune to rabies than other animals. The most prevalent way to contract rabies is via a nip from a rabid animal. While there is a wealth of varied symptoms, rabies is an incurable disease with an inevitable death as the outcome.

As a result, a rabies vaccination means a matter of life and death for one’s golden retriever. Pets that are vaccinated against the rabies have a reduced chance of contracting the terminal virus. In the United States of America, rabies vaccination is mandatory for all DOGS without exception. However, approximately, Ther is only 50 percent of all canines that are vaccinated. Depending on the local legislation, various municipalities require cats to be vaccinated as well. Certain veterinarian reports suggest that only ten percent of the feline population is vaccinated.

Rabies RealityYour Golden Retriever Dog should be vaccinated at the age of three to four months (When they are a Baby golden retriever). At the age of one, they should receive another vaccination and again at three years. The standard vaccination protocol has proven effective in not only DOGS but cats as well. From city-to city, county-to-county and different veterinarians, annual or bi-annual vaccinations are mandated.

In the realm of diagnosing a golden retriever dog with rabies, the brain is examined via microscopic assessment. Medical advancements are beginning to utilize the skin and blood samples in clinical trials.

Essentially, there is not a cure, therapy or treatment for rabies. In golden retriever dogs, there have been a few isolated cases where canine have survived the infection; however, the cases are far and few between. So as Responsible Golden Retriever dog owner, you should vaccinate your lovely pet.

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