Am I Required to Get a DOG License for My Golden Retriever?

Am I Required to Get a DOG License for My Golden Retriever?

golden retriever License 3In almost all places, it is required by law that you license your golden retriever. However, the exact rules do vary based on where you live. For instance, many places not only require that you get your golden retriever licensed every year, but they also require that you actually keep the license tag on your golden retriever all the time.

Also, in some areas the licensing fee can vary based on a number of factors. In some areas, if the golden retriever is permanently marked with a tattoo or a micro-chip, you can obtain a license that is valid for the golden retriever’s lifetime, rather than renewing yearly. Other things that can greatly affect the license cost include whether the golden retriever is a service or guide DOG, whether the golden retriever is spayed or neutered and whether the owner’s income is below a certain amount. Also, some areas offer a multi-dog discount for owners that have several DOGS.

The purpose of getting a license for your golden retriever is simple. It helps animal control officers, or other people that may find your golden retriever when it is lost, to return the golden retriever to you. Unlicensed DOGS are much more likely to be put to sleep by animal control. Many owners are now getting their golden retrievers micro-chipped, but licenses are still a requirement for the simple reason that some vets and shelters do not have access to a micro-chip scanner.

Obviously it is impossible for DOG licensing laws to be enforced on every single DOG and owner all the time. As a result, if you decide not to license your golden retriever, it is possible that you may not get caught. However, if your golden retriever is somehow detected by officials as unlicensed, you will be required to pay high fines.

So, not only is it legally required for a golden retrievers to be licensed in most places, but it’s in the owner’s and the golden retrievers best interest because it helps to protect the golden retriever from getting permanently lost.

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