Answers on Spaying Your Golden Retriever Dog

Answers on Spaying Your Golden Retriever Dog

Spaying Golden Retriever -1Many Studies show that spayed female golden retrievers outlive non-spayed canines. Spaying entails the excision of the ovaries and uterus. It is the golden retriever version of a human hysterectomy.

Spaying a dog is recommended if your are owner of female golden retrievers (bitches) because it helps prevent breast cancer and another condition called pyometra (pus-filled uterus). Both these conditions maybe are detrimental to a golden retriever’s lifecycle. Nearly 50 percent of female golden retrievers die every year from breast cancer.

Spaying a female golden retriever prior to her first menstruation cycle provides it with the protection from pyometra and breast cancer.

In male golden retriever dogs, neutering represents a myriad of advantages too. For instance, it can prevent them from unwanted litters and testicular cancer (if done during the first five months of age). Additionally, neutered golden retrievers are less likely to runaway from home. It can mean that an golden retriever owner does not have to worry about their golden retriever digging a trench or escaping only to be injured.

Neutering a male golden retriever involves surgical removal of the testicles. One of the underlining advantages of having a golden retriever neutered or spayed is that they will not mark their territory by spraying a strong urine. Neutered golden retrievers are more family-driven.

To avoid early golden retriever aggressive behaviour, neutering is recommended early on.

Both non-neutered and neutered canines offer equivocal domestic protection. Contrary to the misnomer that spaying or neutering a golden retriever will cause them to gain weight or become fat, it is untrue.

Golden Retriever Dog Care Tip: To prevent your Lovely golden retriever dog from gaining weight, make sure you give it regular exercise  and never overfeed it. (Here more info about   physical fitness for golden retriever and feeding golden retriever dog or puppy)


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