10 Ways to Protect Your Golden Retriever Dog

10-Ways to Protect Your Golden Retriever Dog

Protect Your Golden Retriever Dog 2Whether you are taking your canine to the park or letting him run freely in the park, your golden retriever’s safety is precious.
Use the following tips to protect your golden retriever from loss, injury or illness.

Always place a DOG tag or some type of identification on your golden retriever. Micro chipping is the perfect ID alternative. Microchips are implanFVted into the skin of the neck. They can be scanned to help identify your golden retriever’s information.

  1. Unless you are in an enclosed or gated area, keep golden retrievers on a leash. As an added ounce of prevention, check fences to ensure they are securely locked.
  2. To prevent your canine from drinking stagnant, contaminant water, carry either a sport bottle or a bowl with water
  3. At the park, before you allow your pooch to run freely with other DOGS, replace your Golden retriever training collars (pinch or choke) with an identifying buckle collar. Since, training colors can wreak havoc on other canines, it’s a good idea to switch over your golden retriever’s collar
  4. To get your golden retriever acclimated and warmed up for its walk, be sure to take brisk strides and a moderate jog before you release him from with other canines.
  5. Keep a watchful eye on your golden retriever during any rumbling and tumbling. It is when most accidents occur.
  6. Prohibit your golden retriever from associating with overly aggressive canines
  7.  Familiarize yourself with the rules, ordinances of your neighborhood. Contact your local municipal’s village hall.
  8. Confirm which parks are for DOGS and the hours of the venue.
  9. Always, always tote a duty bag to clean up after your golden retriever.
  10. To prevent the spread of any worms, parasites or the chances of you our your golden retriever stepping in other DOG’S fecal matter, request other DOG owners to tidy up after their canine (read more about deworming Golden retriever puppies).

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