Where to Get a Golden Retriever License

Where to Get a Golden Retriever License

 Where Get Golden Retriever License - 1Whether you purchase a puppy or DOG for the first time, or your golden retriever has had puppies that you intend to keep, a DOG license for them is a must. Most states require all golden retrievers to be licensed and vaccinated against animal diseases like rabies and parvovirus, and many golden retriever owners vaccinate their golden retrievers against worms and other diseases as well.

In most towns and communities, a DOG license can be obtained from local animal control locations such as humane societies, DOG pounds and the like. To find out who provides such services within your community, call your local animal control agency or ask your veterinarian.

Some cities and towns offer DOG licensing at animal shelters and animal control locations, as well as City Hall departments, including the Department of Finance, so the best bet might be to call your local city government and save yourself some hassle. The cost of a DOG license will vary according to location as well, as will the number of DOGS you will be allowed to keep on your property. Some city governments limit the number of DOGS per family residence to two or three, while others allow up to five or six.

To obtain a DOG license, you will have to show proof that your golden retriever has been vaccinated against rabies. This will be shown on a form your vet will provide you with. Along with the form, you will need to pay a license fee. In many cities across the nation, this process can be completed through the mail. Keep in mind that licenses for spayed or neutered golden retrievers usually cost less. Also be aware that you may have to pay a fine if you don’t properly license your golden retriever(s), so avoid the extra cost and just get it done.

All golden retrievers six months old and older must obtain a license, and such a license is renewed each year for the life of your golden retriever. You will not need to obtain a rabies vaccination for your golden retriever every year, but your license will state when the current rabies vaccination expires. Most DOG license agencies issue licenses from January to December, with renewal obtained every January, but again, that is up to local DOG licensing departments. Showing proof of spaying or neutering is only done once, as the licensing authority in your area will keep a copy of the document in their files for the life of the golden retriever.

Most pet owners are not aware that sometimes up to 90% of their DOG license fee goes toward local and community animal welfare programs and DOG pounds. DOG license fees also help to support local animal shelters, including the costs of medical care, food and bedding. Always ask your veterinarian or call your local animal control center to find out the laws pertaining to DOG licensing in your area. It’s not a complicated, or expensive procedure, and serves to protect both your golden retriever and the community.

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