Golden Retriever Training Secrets

Golden Retriever Training Secrets

Golden Retriever Training Secrets

So, you have a new Golden Retriever puppy, and are wandering how to begin training it. You have made a wise choice in breed. They are perhaps among the easiest of dogs to work with. These dogs are very loyal in nature, and are naturally intelligent, as well as obedient. Below are a few Golden Retriever training secrets, which you may find helpful in your goals of teaching your four pawed buddy manners.

The first step in training, is to understand the nature of this magnificent animal. Golden Retrieves are one of the most easy going, and loyal breed of dogs. They were originally bread in Scotland, which is rich in bodies of water, such as rivers and ponds. Natives of the land often fed their families with area duck, and geese. Dogs were needed to “retrieve” the water foul from the water, after it was shot.

The Golden retriever was bread for this purpose. As a result, the name “retriever” seemed befitting of this beautiful animal. The first name “Golden”, obviously comes from their beautiful gold kissed coat. These animals were expected to be extremely obedient, as well as intelligent. Both of these attributes were needed, as it was important for the animal to fetch the waterfowl, and then bring it back to the hunter undamaged. These birds were to be the families food source. They could not afford a dog which would run astray with their dinner, or make it their own. Through the years, the Golden Retriever has shown no less loyalty or intelligence. These dogs are known for their passive, and friendly natures. They have a general love of people, and eagerly aim to please. For this reason they are easy to teach.

Now that you know a bit about your new friend, lets talk about training. The Golden Retriever responds well to training. The dogs desire to please its owner is excellent motivation to learn. Here is a list of useful training secrets:

Golden Retriever Training Secret #1

It is imperative when training the Golden Retriever to develop a routine, and stick with it! These animals learn by repetition. So weather you are working on house training, hunting skills, or tricks, plan out a set routine, and follow it each day.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #2

Reward, Reward, Reward! If he or she does something right, reward them for this behavior. Some people choose to reward with small food treats, however your furry friend will be just has happy with lots of verbal praise, and soothing petting.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #3

Perhaps one of the most important Golden Retriever training secrets is as follows. When teaching a new skill, manner, or trick, never scold the animal for mishaps. Simply redirect them in a positive manner. Reinforce what you are trying to teach by showing them the correct way. They will not respond well to harsh tones or abuse. They want to please you, and once they learn that you respond with happy enthusiasm , when something is done a certain way, they will be eager to do this again, in order to gain your welcoming reactions.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #4

When house training your dog, it is best to keep him or her on set feeding schedules. Feed them, then take them out to “potty”, about thirty to forty five minutes after eating. This helps them to learn that going outside is expected.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #5

When house training your dog, take them out on a set schedule. It is wise to do this about every two hours, as it is hard for puppies to hold it for long periods of time. As well, you are teaching them that potty time is for outside.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #6

If your dog has a bathroom accident inside the house, show it to them, and sternly say no. Now take them directly outside. Do not pause to first clean up the mistake. The animal has to associate the accident with going outside. Also, you should use the same door to take them out each time. This teaches them that when they need to go, they should go to this door.

Golden Retriever Training Secret #7

If you are in the middle of potty training, the dog should be confined to a small space when you are not at home. This space can be a pet crate, small bathroom or laundry room. This obviously prevents accidents all over the house, but has other benefits as well. It is not a dogs nature to use the bathroom in its “den”. When you leave the animal in a small space, it becomes equal to what a den in nature would be. They will hold it if they can, until they can get out of the confined space. This give you time to return home, and take them outside. This reinforces that potty time is for outside.If you follow these tips, you will see that training your Golden Retriever is quite easy. You may also check with your veterinarian for advice, and more useful training tips. It will take dedication, and set routines, but they will catch on quickly. Just relax, and enjoy the time you spend together.

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