Can Dogs Eat Grapes

Dogs and Grapes Toxicity : Can dogs eat grapes?Dogs and Grapes Toxicity : Can dogs eat grapes or raisins?

Can dogs eat grapes?. The answer is NON. Grapes, raisins, and even currants are toxic to your Golden Retriever dog. Ingestion of even a small amount of grapes or raisins by your Golden Retriever puppy or dog is dangerous. It can result in severe acute kidney failure. All types of grapes can result in poisoning. Even pesticide-free. Organic and grapes grown in home gardens can also result in poisoning.

Although it has been clearly documented that grapes and raisins are toxic for your Golden Retriever puppies or dog. The mechanism of poisoning is not understood yet. The exact pathophysiology following the ingestion of grapes is undefined at this time. If your dog eat grapes; this can result in vomiting, diarrhea, (the first clinical signs observed for the grape or raisin toxicity). As well as Lethargy, anorexia, Halitosis, abnormal drinking or urination, Dehydration and potentially severe acute renal failure. The grapes or raisins’ toxicity is not necessarily depending on the quantity or dose ingested by your Golden retriever puppies or dog. If your Golden Retriever dog eat grapes, symptoms can be watched with even small ingestion of grapes or raisins.

Dogs and Grapes Toxicity: Treatment.

The number of identified cases of poisoning or death in Golden Retriever puppies or dogs after they have ingested grapes or raisins is on the increase. So, if you think your Golden Retriever puppies or dogs ingested grapes or raisins, you should immediately call your vet. There is no antidote for grapes or raisins toxicity. The goal of treatment will be limited to block absorption of the toxins and minimize damage to the kidney for your Golden Retriever puppies or dogs. (Decontamination, aggressive supportive care. Etc…). Induction of vomiting is the generally recommended treatment. it will be used If your Golden Retriever or puppies dogs eat grapes or raisins within the past three hours. In this case, your vet may use an emetic like Apomorphine to cause the dog or puppy to vomit.

Dogs and grapes toxicity : Conclusion.

So remember, if you are still asking: Can dogs eat grapes? The answer is NON.

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